‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Hears Upsetting News, Dante And Lulu Look Forward, And Brad Seeks Help

Viewers will definitely want to tune in to Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that Sonny Corinthos is facing a difficult moment in this show, and there is plenty on the way regarding Dillon, Dante, Brad, and other Port Charles residents as well. What can fans expect?

According to We Love Soaps, Sonny will be told some news about his condition that greatly upsets him. Just what is this news? Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Sonny may overhear a conversation, perhaps between Carly and Patrick, about his condition. Ultimately, it seems that Sonny may learn that he is facing a more difficult recovery than he had been told previously, and most would imagine he will not react well.

Sonny will pull in Max for a chat about all that has been happening with the business, particularly about the supposed recovery of Carlos’ body. As viewers have seen, there is something hinky with this dead body situation, with plenty of speculation now floating around.

Did Paul tamper with the records indicating when Rivera died, or did Paul set things up to make it look like Rivera’s body when it is actually Sloane’s? Fans suspect that there are more twists and turns yet to come on this front as Anna panics, Paul scrambles, and Sonny works on piecing things together.

As for Anna, she is feeling a lot of stress and pressure these days, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will begin working with Dr. Kevin Collins to sort through it all. Will that bring her some relief or set her up for more trouble? It seems that viewers will also see Brad consult with Alexis and explain to her the trouble he’s experiencing regarding his marriage to Rosalie.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Maxie will come up with some advice for Dillon regarding the movie, while Dillon may overstep some boundaries in trying to get Lulu to see that Dante isn’t all she believes he is. At the same time, Lulu is ready to move ahead on another pregnancy, and it seems that Dante will talk with mom Olivia about the plans in Tuesday’s episode.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Alexis will share something with Julian that will shake up everything. Will she figure out that Leo is really Julian’s son? Based on the tease that the reveal comes as a result of Julian’s phone call Alexis caught, some suspect this is regarding something else, though answers will be revealed soon. In addition, Nathan will continue to push Dante to be honest with Lulu while Lulu picks up on some tension between her mom and brother.

Spinelli and Sam are digging into Jake’s past, and Thursday’s show brings an important development on that front. However, General Hospital spoilers share that Liz will push Jake to drop all the digging around. Obviously she’s terrified about what Jake, Sam, and Spinelli will find, but it doesn’t sound as if Jake will pull back.

It seems that Sonny will get some promising news at the end of the week, while there’s a shocker coming for Anna. Jake seemingly will figure out the truth about being Jason Morgan quite soon, but it may not blow up completely until the wedding day episodes involving Jake and Liz.

How will Jake’s identity as Jason Morgan finally be revealed? What does the future hold for Sonny? Fans are very anxious to see how everything comes together this fall as the drama continues on General Hospital.

[Photo by Angela Weiss / Getty Images]