Awww…Woman Arrested for Hiding in Suitcase to Visit Boyfriend

Portland, Oregon woman was arrested Monday for trespassing, hiding in a suitcase. Why? Well, she just wanted to visit her boyfriend.

Kola J. McGrath, 50, was picked up by Portland authorities earlier this week after workers at the downtown apartment complex started wondering why a particular resident always carried around a large pink rolling suitcase. Once they found out that he had his girlfriend inside, naturally they thought he’d kidnapped her. The caller Monday told cops that a man had abducted a woman in a rolling pink suitcase and brought her to Oak Apartments, reports the Columbian.

Kola J. McGrath mugshot

When cops arrived, the building manager helped them finger 52-year-old resident Curtis T. Lowe as the suspect. They searched his apartment, finding the pink suitcase in the living room, and McGrath hiding in a closet.

How could she fit into that suitcase? Because she only weighs 96 pounds and stands at 5 feet 6 inches, according to reports.

Further wrapping up of loose ends: why was she arrested for trespassing in the first place? Because last year, during a domestic dispute with Lowe, McGrath broke a fire extinguisher and was subsequently banned from the building by the property manager. Apparently that spat wasn’t enough to keep her from Lowe, as the two continued their love affair. Given her banning from the property, they had to find a “creative” solution to see each other, so that’s how you get the pink suitcase.


I guess.