Kevin Hart Throws Fan’s Cell Phone, Owes $65 Bill — Hart Doesn’t Comment On Strip Club Melee On Instagram, Twitter [Video]

Kevin Hart likely has a new and funny routine to include in his upcoming comedy shows. This one should involve whatever really went down at a strip club after Kevin and Hart’s crew left the Le Pigale in Quebec, Canada, over the weekend, reports TMZ. In the video, Kevin can be seen throwing a fan’s phone as the Canadians mimic a funny line from one of Hart’s own comedy routines back to Kevin. In the routine, Hart speaks about being an emotional mess at a funeral, saying over and over again that the woman who died wasn’t ready. The Canadians turned it back on Hart, saying he wasn’t ready after throwing the fan’s cell phone and leaving.

“He wasn’t ready. He wasn’t ready.”

Another video on YouTube shows Hart calling “Yo!” to someone as he leaves the strip club, with the title of the YouTube video claiming that Hart got kicked out of the strip club. It’s a dispute that’s being denied by the strip club’s manager, reports Metro News. As seen in the YouTube video below, a man yells at Hart that they love him in Toronto.

However, after the YouTube video went viral, as Perez Hilton published the information about the clip, news came that Hart and his bodyguards didn’t get kicked out as the YouTube video says. After Kevin performed at the Canadian Tire Centre Friday night, the 16-second video clip went public. Another 32-second video clip was also published — but Le Pigale manager Cynthia Bourque said that Hart didn’t get kicked out after getting to the strip club at approximately 1 a.m. Saturday morning.

Bourque admits there was some type of altercation as Hart’s bodyguard tried to jump ahead in line after Hart performed in Ottawa during his “What Now?” tour.

“It was a huge misunderstanding on both parts. His bodyguard was trying to get ahead of the line. When [the bouncer] saw that the [bodyguard] tried to go in front of him, he was like, ‘No, you gotta go to the back.'”

It was around 3 a.m. when Kevin and his crew tried to leave — and Hart was kind to everyone, says Cynthia.

“If anything, Kevin was trying to keep the peace. That guy who took the video, not only was he not in the bar, he [also] wasn’t on the stairs, he was in the parking lot. The video he took, he was assuming that he got booted out.”

It seemed like fun and games to some of the folks standing outside the Canadian strip club, who were trying to get photos and video of Hart. However, what happened beforehand is what’s at the center of the issue. While Kevin is flossing on Instagram, looking taller as he stands beside a plane in a photo hashtagged “dope pic” and “hustle Hart” and not directly addressing any of the melee in the comments section as his followers beg Kevin to do so, others are pontificating about what could’ve driven the Laugh at My Pain star to perform such actions as seen in the TMZ video.


On Twitter, Hart writes about the heavy demand for his comedy routines causing Kevin to add more shows to the Australia leg of his tour.

TMZ, however, claims that a waitress at Quebec’s Le Pigale got stiffed out of a $65 bill and that the bodyguards at the strip club didn’t like the way Kevin’s bodyguards were trying to push ahead. The publication states that the woman in the video seen approaching Hart’s SUV was the waitress who was cheated out of the $65 bill. The strip club manager will cover the bill, reports TMZ, no doubt hoping that Kevin and his same crew of seven or eight people will return some day.

[Image via Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment]