‘The Walking Dead’: The Huge Enid And Wolves Spoiler Fans Missed

On The Walking Dead Sunday night, fans finally got to see the Wolves attack and Enid’s backstory, but did they miss a huge spoiler from Enid (Katelyn Nacon) in the chaos? One little word can speak volumes, but even Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick and his guests missed this telling clue. The Walking Dead spoilers follow.

What’s the big giveaway? Sunday night on The Walking Dead, when the Wolves attacked Alexandria, Enid entered the house Carl was holed up in and told him she was leaving. During the course of her conversation, she said that Alexandria was too big to defend, and started to say “There are too many blind spots. That’s how we were able to…”

enid on The Walking Dead

Think about that for a moment, Walking Dead fans. She didn’t say that’s how they were able to get in, presumably, but was saying we, as in she has been spying for the Wolves all along. That implies that “JSS” — just survive somehow — meant making a deal with the Wolves to survive for Enid. While that one word is a pretty big giveaway in itself, Forbes connected some pretty big dots to support the theory Enid has been working for the Wolves on The Walking Dead.

“The ‘we’ there is almost certainly her referring to the Wolves. I’d argue that with Rick’s group showing up, they could defend against an attack like that, but I have a hunch that she specifically told the Wolves to come when the main group was out wrangling zombies. How else would their timing have been so perfect? All the heaviest hitters were gone (except Carol, but Enid wouldn’t have known her true potential), so it was clearly the best moment to strike.”

Walking Dead fans have been speculating that Enid might be a spy for the Wolves due to her frequent trips outside the compound, including an encounter with Carl on the outside. She never explained why she was outside Alexandria as she and Carl had to hide in a tree from some walkers, but that has had a lot of Walking Dead fans wondering about her loyalty.

enid and carl on The walking dead

Another hot topic among Walking Dead fans was the “Wolf Attack” comic Enid had early on last season, which seems to have started the rumors that it was an Easter egg telling fans she was working with the Wolves. Then, in this latest episode of The Walking Dead, when Enid showed up with all of those house keys, it was pretty damning evidence without the verbal slip, yet some Walking Dead superfans deny the connection, including writer/director Kevin Smith, who appeared on Talking Dead immediately following the episode.

“I don’t buy that at all… ‘JSS’ explains it all. This is an absolute survivor — ‘just survive somehow.’ I don’t think she’s part of the Wolves. I think she’s been surviving in the post-zombie world, and I think she knows about the Wolves and has seen them before, but she’s just somebody who lives or JSS.”

If Enid really has been spying for the Wolves all along on The Walking Dead, it’s a double agent move even Carol (Melissa McBride) would admire. After playing her sweet, Susie Homemaker role for the Alexandrians since last season of The Walking Dead, Carol showed her true colors again when she donned the attire of one of the Wolves she slaughtered and pretended to be one of them. This allowed her to take her “prisoner,” Morgan (Lennie James), to safety, and dispatch some more Wolves (and an unlucky Alexandrian) along the way.

You just never know what a zombie apocalypse can bring out in people, as The Walking Dead has shown many times.

[Photo by Gene Page / AMC]