This Scary Video Is Confounding The Internet Like Never Before: Can You Solve The Mystery

The internet can take many things into its stride, but once in a while, something comes along which sends it into complete delirium. Now is one of those times.

A cryptic video, dubbed as a puzzle by internet’s night-guards, is currently sweeping the web. While nobody has been able to decode the meaning behind the mysterious video or even find out who produced it in the first place, strange conspiracy theories have been circulating about its intended use.

The entire saga started when Johny from shared a video from a CD he received in the mail a week ago. According to his description of the disc, some sort of a product key seemed to be inscribed on the CD. However, upon closer inspection, it became quite clear that what was sent to him from Poland (the envelope only contained a Polish stamp and his address) was a puzzle of some sort.

In the video, someone dressed in robes akin to what doctors wore during the Black Death and looking altogether creepy can be seen doing what may appear as random things at first, but as redditors have been claiming since the video was posted online, his actions could refer to a hidden message to be interpreted through the morse code.

Watch the creepy video here.

Even more bizarrely, after a lot of rummaging through YouTube, people found that the scary video was actually published on the video-sharing site almost five months ago by a user named aetbx, and cryptically titled 01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101, which when interpreted through the binary code, translates to “muerte,” meaning “death” in Spanish.

When aetbx was contacted for further information about the video by those losing sleep over what it could possibly mean, the uploader refused to give out any significant information, though he did mention that he is not responsible for producing the video, but a girl that he knows “found it in a park” and handed it over to him in May this year, after which he just uploaded it on YouTube. Apparently, the title that he used for the video was also written on the envelope, which he just pasted verbatim when uploading it online.

According to redditor usuda, who used a technique called steganography to decode the torturous soundtrack which can be heard in the background, the result was even more surprising. The result was published on imgur a few days ago, and it spells out the words: “You are already dead.”

A video which was uploaded online is generating a huge amount of interest who think it could be a hidden message.

There are also some NSFW images hidden in the sound’s frequency content, according to Gizmodo (who were the first to run a story on the video), that seem to show a woman being tortured.

One user on Reddit wrote about the visible images that appear when the sound frequency is put through the spectrogram.

“A victim with metal sheers coming out of the abdomen, another victim with genital mutilation, and the lower half of a victim’s body, legs bent in a contorted fashion. The ‘man with no legs’ is a woman. There are a hammer and some gloves next to her.”

(Note: Some images have not been posted here. If you want to check out more possible meanings, check out the pictures here.)

Some people on a German forum also seem to have uncovered a hidden 3D stereogram in the audio, which reads, “you die.”

But this is only the beginning. When inquisitive minds determined to interpret more clues in the video, which it obviously abounds in, they found that the movement of the figure in the video leads to the identification of a morse code, which can be seen in the picture below.

This weird video is sending internet into a meltdown.

The converted morse came out to read the following: 52 45 44 20 53 4C 49 50 54 4C 50 4B H5 20 54 45 4E 54 48, which was then translated to the word, REDLIPSLIKETENTH.

Now, if you think that is just gibberish or that it does not mean anything, hold on a second. “Redlipsliketenth” is an anagram for “Kill the President.” Add to that the fact that the image also says “we are the antivirus” while the mask hints at a biological crisis or attack. The very same people have also figured out that the clues in the video point to the GPS co-ordinates of the White House. If nothing else, that is certainly enough to creep the hell out of the curious minds trying to decode the weird video.

Also, it must be noted here that American investigative journalist Jon Ronson mentions in his book The Psychopath Test a similar sort of a clue which was sent to academics all around the world a few years ago. Instead of a video, however, the package contained a handcrafted book. Some people have noted the similarities between the two packages, saying there could be a link. You can read more about it here.

The internet has still not been able to find the meaning behind the video, but inquisitive as it is, it might not take the internet long to decode the real use of the video. Whether it is a terribly misinformed publicity stunt, whether it points to a psychopath trying to tell the world about the crimes perpetrated, or whether it is a genuine conspiracy theory, we might not be able to find out soon, but one thing remains certain: The figure wearing the black robe has surely sent the internet into a meltdown.

[Photo via YouTube]