Police Report ‘UFO Crash’ In London — ‘Flying Saucer’ Turned Out To Be Pizza Oven, But Conspiracy Theorists Allege Roswell-Style Cover-Up

A team of police officers responding to a call by a member of the public who reported an unidentified object on fire in the southwest London suburb of Kingston got the shock of their lives when they arrived at the scene and found a “crashed UFO” burning in the middle of the road.

Kingston Police officers with the Emergency Response Team A and a team from the London Fire Brigade who arrived after midnight on Saturday, at a spot next to a traffic light on Malden Road, were stunned when they found in the middle of the road a blazing metallic object that looked like the wreckage of a crashed flying saucer UFO.

But oddly, there were no little green men from Mars inside the UFO or anywhere in sight.

Mystery UFO In Kingston

Kingston Police posted to Facebook a photo of the “UFO” with an appeal to the public for information about the mystery object.

A post to the Kingston Police Facebook page read, “Have Kingston Police recovered the first UFO? The officers that arrived on scene described the item as looking like a crash landed UFO.”

A tweet by the London Fire Brigade officers said, “We attended a ‘UFO crash’ on Sat night with @MPSKingston.”

“Last night… a member of the public called us… that there was an unknown item on fire in the middle of the road. Officers… were dispatched… when they arrived on scene they couldn’t believe their eyes! Officers… described the item as looking like a crash landed UFO!”

Following the posts, news spread quickly on social media that police have reported being “called to the first crash landing of a UFO in the UK.”

Crashed UFO In Kingston, London?

Some Facebook users who responded to the posts were equally baffled.

“Walked past this earlier wondering what the hell it was! It’s now on the side of the road under the tree.”

But within a few hours, better-informed citizens explained that the “UFO” was, in fact, an upturned pizza oven.

It must have been a red-faced officer who posted an update to the official police Facebook page, saying, “[The] UFO turned out to be a pizza oven on fire in the road.”

But after it was determined that the “flying saucer” was, in fact, a burning pizza oven, a new mystery emerged: How on Earth did a burning pizza oven end up in the middle of the road?”

“However on a serious note, anyone with information about this item and how it ended up being there please do contact us on 101.”

London Police Baffled By Mystery Object

Some social media users speculated that the oven fell from the back of a truck transporting it. But others raised the question why a truck would transport a burning pizza oven.

“Police later confirmed its a pizza oven but how it got there and why it was on fire is unknown.”

“It’s a pizza oven and it probably fell off the back of a lorry…”

“Most likely fell off the back of a lorry – literally!”

The questions led some to suggest that the oven was placed there by a prankster who guessed it would be mistaken for a crashed UFO.

But conspiracy theorists raised objections, saying the claim that the “UFO” was an upturned pizza oven was yet another attempt at official cover-up after the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. Other conspiracy theorists recalled how the U.S. authorities allegedly tried to cover up the Roswell UFO crash with the claim that the crashed object was only a weather balloon or part of a Russian satellite.

Police: Is This A Crashed UFO?

“It clearly is Nibiru/planet x.”

“A weather balloon excuse, has already been used… next sensible one… a pizza oven… oh no! They can’t fool me… It was a [flying] saucer…”

When skeptics asked why little green men were not found at the “UFO” crash site, some conspiracy theorists suggested it was, in fact, a UFO drone. But Metro suggested that the little green men may have escaped from the crash and that they were probably still at large in the city of London, “possibly armed with anal probes.”

[Images via Kingston Police/Facebook]