October 20, 2015
Drugs Caused Aer Lingus Passenger To Bite Man And Die

The reason why a 24-year-old Brazilian man "ran amok" on an Aer Lingus flight Sunday evening, biting a fellow passenger and then dying, has now been revealed.

On an Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon in Portugal to Dublin in Ireland, a young man allegedly "ran amok" on the plane, biting a fellow passenger and, after being restrained, dying. This led to the flight being diverted to Cork airport, and the man who had been bitten was treated in hospital, along with another passenger injured in the incident.

The Inquisitr reported on Monday that the Aer Lingus flight that was diverted after a passenger started behaving violently, biting a fellow passenger and passing away after being restrained.

According to eye witnesses on the plane, the 24-year-old Brazilian man was roaring in what they described as "deep anguish" while lying in the aisle, shaking violently as he died.

There was much speculation in the media Monday about the incident, with some saying it must be drug related and others referring to rabies, vampires, and zombies, but the cause was definitely drugs. It turns out that the cause of the incident was around £43,000 ($66,600) worth of cocaine in capsules in the young man's stomach.

According to the Irish Mirror, when the plane landed at Cork airport a Portuguese woman holding an Angolan passport, believed to have been accompanying the dead man, was arrested when officials discovered two kilos of a "powdered substance" in her luggage.

After the autopsy on the Brazilian man last night, it was revealed that he was also carrying drugs, but in this case in capsules in his stomach which had allegedly leaked into his system.

An official source revealed, "It's feared he may have had up to €60,000 worth of drugs in his stomach."

"It's very sad. It's early days but this is a line of inquiry."
The Gardai (Irish police) have reportedly spent some time attempting to contact his family in Brazil through the embassy and "all lines of inquiry are being vigorously pursued." The man was later named at John Kennedy dos Santos Gurjao.A shocked fellow Aer Lingus passenger, John Leonard, described the violent death of dos Santos Gurjao on the Aer Lingus flight, saying that he started to act violently about an hour after take-off and bit a fellow passenger. Leonard said it was "horrible" and that it was a very violent end and "to die that way in the back of an aeroplane, it's not right. It was not very pleasant at all."

Leonard described how two nurses and a doctor on the flight tried to resuscitate the dos Santos Gurjao but without success, as the man's seizure got worse. The Brazilian man was shaking violently on the floor of the plane making a noise like something Leonard had never heard before.

"It was like deep anguish is the best way I could describe it – very troubled."

"Not screaming in a sense you know if you'd hurt yourself or something, just very guttural, from deep within him."

According to Leonard, the other 167 passengers on the Aer Lingus Airbus A320-200 remained "extraordinarily calm" during the incident.

Reportedly all passengers were kept on the plane after it landed at Cork Airport while the Gardai interviewed them. It was at this time that the police found the "powdered substance," believed to be amphetamines, in the Portuguese woman's luggage.

As reported by the Irish Times, the 44-year-old woman was last night being questioned at the police station in Cork, and the substance she was carrying has been sent to the State Laboratory for analysis. It was also revealed that the woman had been living in Dublin for some years and was involved in various businesses, including working as a consultant selling visas for non-EU residents.

[Image: Aer Lingus plane courtesy Flickr /CC BY-NC 2.0 / Can Pac Swire]