Drake Hotline Bling Video Goes ‘Cosby’ With Intro Theme Music — ‘The Aubrey Show’

“The Aubrey Show”… The Cosby Show… they both seem to go with the theme music. Once you see Drake’s video, you’ll probably agree. Though this is a humorous take on the video, it should be mentioned that Drizzy’s original “Hotline Bling” film is trending quite well.

Yet, this Cosby rendition definitely can cramp your stomach from laughter. Regardless of the allegations Bill has undergone over the last year, no one can deny knowing his theme music. Once Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video starts, it looks fitting for a modern-day take on Bill’s classic intro.

From the production credits, it seems to have been put together by a Twitter and Instagram user who goes by the name of Ariel Namoca. As the user watched Drake’s video, he noted that he began to get some ideas. One can only imagine the processes that were happening as he saw Drizzy’s choreography.

Soon thereafter, he presented his creation to the world. From his response, Namoca knew that something had broken through the viral barriers.

So far, his preview clip has nearly 1,000 retweets. And some may see that as “small time,” but considering that it’s one of the greatest, unknown remixes to a big hit, it’s doing well.

Nonetheless, to address Drake’s actual video, one thing that is a major topic of discussion is Drizzy’s dance moves. Some say that his moves remind them of a Kanye West solo, while many others have gone wild over Drake’s video performance. Pitchfork noted the moves as “dorky.”

However, to be honest, it was unexpectedly smooth. The moves resembled a slowed-down mixture of the Dominican dance “Bachata,” the opening dance scene from Kung Fu Hustle with the Axe Gang (the first six guys), and a newer dance trend called “Dabbing.” Believe it or not, Drake is in the know on his dance moves.

And the ending dance scene, well, you saw it for yourself. Drake is clearly and continually stepping outside the perimeters and parameters of what has been expected as a rapper. It’s obvious that Aubrey Graham simply won’t be placed inside a box. Then, too, the beginning of the video gives a new perspective to the term “hotline.”

Yet, nevertheless, there’s a downside to the video, at least from D.R.A.M.’s viewpoint. As you know, Drake’s “Hotline Bling” sounds quite familiar to D.R.A.M.’s “Cha Cha.” Yesterday, via Twitter, the rapper expressed his thoughts about performing in Toronto for the first time. According to his account, it was bittersweet.

“Just performed in Toronto for the 1st time tonight and it was bittersweet. Sweet cus I’m out here sharing my music, my sound with the people. Bitter though, cus after my performance all I’m seeing is Cha Cha/Hotline Bling comparisons on my timeline. N***as wanna know how I feel about that…Yeah, I feel I got jacked for my record…But I’m GOOD. I’m happy that the VA sound that me & @GabeNiles are steady working on is growing. And in 2016 we gon’ own it, GAHD**N!”

However, as one of the people who also remixed the rapper’s “Cha Cha” track, Erykah Badu responded to his tweets with somewhat of an encouraging word of inspiration.

“…we loved Cha Cha first. Very unique and raw. That’s That underground magic force that sparks a seed to grow a tree… Ms. badu.”

“We” includes several artists, even the likes of Beyoncé. A while ago, she made a short dance video to his music.

All in all, while Drake’s music is in the limelight, it’s unfortunate that people are comparing D.R.A.M.’s to Drizzy’s, especially since he’s the original artist. But then again, D.R.A.M. did get his inspiration from the intro of a version of Super Mario Bros., as reports Business Insider. It seems that it’s been quite the collaborative effort.

What are your thoughts on it all? How do you feel about Drake’s dance moves in “Hotline Bling”? Feel free to share your feeling in the comments below.

[Image Courtesy of YouTube]