Jay Gruden Makes Excuses For Kirk Cousins But Not RG III

Jay Gruden has become an embarrassment to the NFL.

As the Washington Redskins struggle through an uninspiring season, Gruden has taken to making excuses for starting quarterback Kirk Cousins. Cousins’ performance during Washington’s 34-20 loss to the Jets was painful to watch.

Gruden ran off a list of factors that may have been the reason for his starting quarterback’s poor play. Wind conditions and having to identify the blitz packages from the Jets defense, were a couple of the unbelievable excuses given. Gruden watched on as Cousins had his fourth multiple interception game of the season. He now has a total of eight picks and only six touchdowns, for the 2-4 Redskins.

Despite his poor play and failure to read the defense, Jay still wants him as the leader. Cousins still has the blessings of Gruden.

Jay Gruden Makes Excuses For Kirk

Gruden could learn from Mike Tomlin.

Putting Landry Jones into the game against the Cardinals brought new life to the Steelers. ESPN reports that the Steelers responded to the change and fed off of the new chemistry.

When asked about benching Cousins, Gruden responded with more excuses and avoided the topic. Gruden was more concerned with saying he had confidence in his players and getting things prepared for the game against Tampa Bay.

“We’ve got another game here against Tampa Bay – big, huge game for us – and then we’ve got the bye week and we’ll go from there. I’m not looking to make any drastic changes right now. I have faith in all the players. We’ll go from there and get this thing turned around.”

Jay Gruden Makes Excuses For Kirk Cousins

Gruden’s main man went 25-of-43 for 196 yards. Cousins had a touchdown but still struggled. Griffin was asked about his status for the Tampa game but declined to switch the focus.

“I’m not going to talk about myself,” he said. “We need to win next week. That’s all we’re focused on. I’m not focused on what I’ve had to go through or anything like that. We’re just focused on Tampa Bay for next week. We have to get a win before the bye.”

Gruden’s reluctance to replace Cousins and make excuses for him isn’t looking like a stroke of genius. Robert Griffin is star quarterback, reduced to No. 3, making huge money. His average salary is $5.3 million with a guaranteed $21.1 million, over four years.

Gruden claims he wants to see his quarterback fight through the adversity and bounce back from the horrendous game. The ability to come through the storm will make him a strong person and a stronger player.

“I’ve seen him throw the ball out here many, many times. I’ve seen him make every throw there is to make in pro football. We’ve just got to get his confidence going, we’ve got to help him, players have to help him around him and we’ve got to do a better job of coaching, but I’ve seen him do it, and I know he can do it.”

At this point, the Washington fans just want some strong wins with fewer excuses.

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