After Lamar Odom Controversy, Business Booms At ‘Love Ranch’ Brothel

From the promiscuous and adventurous to the morbidly curious, folks are flocking to the site of Lamar Odom’s most unflattering moment in droves these days. Dennis Hof’s Love ranch, a legal brothel located outside of Carson City, Nevada, is experiencing renaissance of sorts — or at least as much of a renaissance as possible for an establishment of its caliber, anyway.

According to celebrity news and rumors receptacle TMZ, Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof says business has actually tripled for him since Lamar Odom suffered a medical emergency on the premises last week and the establishment now has a waiting list for prospective clients.

Citing figures provided by Hof, TMZ reports that Love Ranch is now servicing an average of 75 men per day since news of Odom’s bizarre crash flashed around the world. Many guests are especially curious to see the room where it all went down, so to speak. Apparently, those who spend over $500 can get a glimpse of the infamous boudoir.

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As previously reported by Inquisitr, 35 year-old Lamar Odom was found unconscious at the Love Ranch last Tuesday. Odom allegedly ingested cocaine and a number of sexual enhancers prior to experiencing extreme medical distress and he was later transported and admitted to an area hospital in critical condition. While initial reports suggested that the former NBA star had sustained significant brain damage, subsequent updates indicated slow, incremental progress. Late Monday, news broke that Lamar Odom was released from the hospital in Las Vegas to continue treatment and physical therapy in Los Angeles.

From the very start of the media frenzy surrounding Odom’s most recent fall from grace (there have, after all, been a series of public unpleasantness surrounding his split from wife Khloe Kardashian), Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof has made himself available for an extensive battery of interviews by various and sundry media outlets. Almost too available by some accounts, as Hof now faces backlash from those who feel that he has been inappropriately candid in discussing the details of goings on at his place of business. Justin Wm. Moyer of The Washington Post, who describes Dennis Hof as “the world’s least discreet pimp” interviewed the brothel owner, quizzing him right out of the chute about his candor with regard to the Odom situation. Hof was decidedly defensive regarding his decision to talk to the media.

“… (W)hen an ambulance rolls out of my place … I need to put the proper words to it. People are saying all kinds of terrible things. That’s my reason for it. I’m not going to sit back and let people tell tales about me … I run a credible business and I’m a high-profile person. I’m not going to let people take potshots.”

Dennis Hof’s justifications aren’t sitting well with those close to Lamar Odom, though. Model and reality show star Khloe Kardashian, who is still married to Odom because their divorce was never finalized, reportedly reached out to Hof via a publicist asking that he allow Khloe to handle public discussion of Lamar’s situation. In an interview with television host Nancy Grace which was quoted by The Daily Mail, Dennis Hoff said he told the Kardashian mouthpiece to “go to hell.”

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At age 68, Dennis Hof was already a successful entrepreneur and reality television star in his own right. As noted by The Daily Mail, he owns a total of nine brothels and one strip bar in Nevada and his business endeavors were the subject of the HBO television show Cathouse.

As Lamar Odom moves on to the next chapter of his life, Hof will likely fade from the media spotlight at some point in the near future, provided there are no new angles to this story that require his firsthand elaboration. If Hof’s accounts of his recent business boom are accurate, he has plenty of affairs to manage back on the ranch, anyway. Besides, all that money isn’t going to count itself.

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