WWE Rumors: Shane McMahon Returning To WWE In 2016 – Here Comes The Money?

There have been a number of big returns to WWE this year, and many rumors of others heading back to the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. The latest rumor, though, involves the name of someone that many never thought they’d see in WWE again, and that is Shane McMahon. Is Shane-O Mac and the money coming back in 2016?

What Culture is reporting that leaks are coming forth from WWE that the company will be releasing a Shane McMahon DVD sometime in 2016. That’s all great and fine, but usually a DVD release based on a particular individual means that person will be on WWE television to promote the product.

In turn, this could mean that Shane McMahon only makes an appearance or two on Monday Night Raw so he can shill the DVD release.

shane mcmahon wwe return

On another note, there could end up being a lot more to all of this, and Shane McMahon could actually get involved in a storyline of some sort. Maybe he could be the one to come in and save the company from the hands of The Authority or maybe he would actually join them.

At this time, that is all speculation, and Trib Live believes it won’t be that exciting.

It was in 2010 that Shane McMahon left WWE to pursue other ventures. Not only did he want to do other things in life, but WWE was also in a bad spot at the time, and it made sense for him to head on out.

He’s done a number of things since leaving, including YOU On Demand most notably. It’s a multi-platform entertainment service that delivers Hollywood movies and much more to customers across China via streaming services on a subscription basis.

shane mcmahon return to wwe

Shane-O Mac is now 45 years old and hasn’t wrestled in quite a long time. If he was to return to the company, it would likely not be in a wrestling role. He could come back in a backstage role or even if it is on WWE TV, it could be similar to that of his sister, Stephanie McMahon.

If he ever did decide to wrestle again, it would likely be on a dialed down basis or maybe a one-time all-out match like he used to have. If anyone remembers the “Street Fight” between McMahon and Kurt Angle at King of the Ring 2001, then it’s hard to think he could replicate that at this stage in his life.

wwe shane mcmahon kurt angle

Then again, stranger things have happened.

In 2013, Shane McMahon did voluntarily step down as the CEO of YOU On Demand and appointed Wiekang Liu as his successor. McMahon is still the Chairman of the Board and principal executive officer of the company, but he isn’t as involved as he once was.

Right now, McMahon could really do well in bringing his genius to the storyline aspect of things behind the scenes. He could create storylines and put together feuds and put action on TV that fans want to see.

Shane McMahon has often been compared to his father and is said to have a mind that is along the same lines of Vince McMahon himself. His knowledge of the company and creativity could really help WWE out on the corporate and television side of things.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon haven’t done a bad job and are truly succeeding with NXT, but what could it hurt to bring on one more brilliant mind?

A DVD coming out for Shane McMahon is big enough in itself and having a lot of his greatest moments in one spot will be fantastic. Shane McMahon possibly returning to WWE television in 2016 is huge and could really end up being a big lift for the company.

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