PETA Joins Anti-Pit Bull Coalition

Janice Malcolm

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the leading animal rights activist group, has officially joined a coalition which seems to stand for the opposite of everything the animal loving organization has stood for since its inception. PETA has reportedly become a member of an Anti-pit bull Coalition. This group seeks to have a ban on pit bulls, of all species, that extends throughout the entire United States, an act which would inevitably lead to pit bulls having to be locked up and then eventually euthanized.

The alliance between the organizations is all the more strange because of these vastly differing views, especially since in theory, they should have very different goals. The anti-pit bull groups have made no secret of their belief that these animals should be killed for the protection of society and in their piece about the partnership Zombies and Dogs gives several examples of the leaders of some of the multiple organizations that make up the anti-pit bull coalition, posting to their Facebook pages about their own actions against the breeds.

Huffington Post stated that PETA spoke to them, through spokesperson Colleen O'Brien, by email and did advise that they will be assembling an educational video meant to give insight into their decision. However in the interim many will simply be left to wonder as the animal rights organization will apparently not have this video ready for weeks to come. The article then went on to show a multitude of cute pitbulls as they enjoyed life with their families and friends.

It is very doubtful, however, that even if it is released, any video will help the public at large to understand why PETA, a group which fights for animal rights has joined an anti-pit bull coalition that believes pit bulls should be eradicated.

[Photo Courtesy of AFP/ Getty Images]