Lamar Odom's Overdose And Emergency Has Oddly Increased Brothel Business

It seems Lamar Odom's collapse has been great for the brothel business in Nevada, as the whore house where he dropped $75k in four days is now raking it in. Their representatives say all of the free advertising following Odom's overdose and comatose state has actually boosted business, and comments in the news from the Kardashians have put them on the map.

The Inquisitr reported that Khloe and Kim Kardashian were by Odom's side when he got to a Las Vegas hospital by ambulance. Kim Kardashian had to leave the hospital, and Khloe, as she needed to fly back to Los Angeles to see a specialist for her own pregnancy complications. It is likely Kim Kardashian will no longer, or rarely, visit Odom and Khloe while they are still in Las Vegas, as she has a high risk pregnancy and may likely deliver the baby early.

TMZ is reporting that Dennis Hof, owner of Dennis Hof's Love Ranch & Cat House has rejected the Kardashian's request that they handle the press that stems from Odom's overdose on natural Viagra, alcohol and other drugs. Instead, Hof seems to be using this tragedy to build his business.
"Ranch owner Dennis Hof tells TMZ, since his staff placed the 911 call last Tuesday, business has tripled. The average number of customers pre-Lamar averaged around 20 Johns a day."
Hof says that the room where Odom had his stroke presently has a month-long waiting list, as creepy curiosity seekers can't seem to wait to see where Odom was found. Allegedly, if visitors pay Hof $500, he will show them the room, as long as it's between Johns.
The Trentonian reports that a number of "leeches" will benefit from the Odom/Kardashian tragedy. The brothel features a large ATM machine in the waiting room, which is supposedly being used constantly.

"The owner of the sex establishment where Lamar Odom played hard with drugs, herbal sexual enhancement concoctions and babes, is using his 15 minutes of fame."

Hof is happy to talk to almost anyone, even answering creepy questions about how the body was found, and in what state.

"Was Lamar found in the nude?" or better yet did his 6'10" frame include one of those five-hour erections supposedly available after downing herbal Viagra-like supplements."

And of course, the constant reruns and first runs of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is also seeing an increase of viewers, hungry for any detail about what might have led to Odom's current state. The Kardashians are never the kind to pass up a good pay day, even if it's when someone is having a medical emergency, arrested, or making a sex change.

"Keeping with this tragic tragedy theme, no doubt producers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians celebrated potential increases in audience viewers if Odom, estranged husband to Khloe Kardashian, remained comatose, died or survived — a sort of definite winning trifecta."

For most people, a tragedy or death is not something to celebrate, but then again, the Kardashians are not known for having any shame.

Though Odom is still in the hospital on dialysis, the plan is to transfer him back for care in Los Angeles (and perhaps return to their reality show). Dennis Hof says he couldn't be happier with the current situation, which may also sound odd to most people.

Do you think it is disgusting that people are cashing in on Lamar Odom's tragedy?

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]