Father Had No Idea That His Daughter Had 27 Cats Living In Her Room, Find A Total Of 47 Cats In The Home

A Michigan father stumbled upon an extremely furry surprise when he found out that his daughter was housing 27 cats in her bedroom while she was living with him.

Trying to respect her privacy, the unnamed man said he was aware that there were a few cats on the property, but that he no idea that his daughter had this many in her room.

Once the man opened his daughter’s room while she was away for a few days he immediately called the Humane Society.

“He opened her bedroom door and was like, ‘OK, this is a huge issue. We have to have someone help with this,'” said Nicole Cook of the Humane Society.

“We always tell people to make sure pets are spayed and neutered because it shows how quick it can get out of hand,” she said.

Cook also states that the single story ranch home was well-kept and very clean, noting that the cats and the smell were mostly confined to the daughter’s bedroom.

Workers report that the bedroom contained 2-3 litter boxes in the 15×15 bedroom, but that overall the bedroom was unkept and covered in feces.

“The cats had been going to the bathroom anywhere and everywhere, ” Cook said. “We were kind of surprised as well that she was really living in that, but people get accustomed to their living conditions.”

Workers found an additional 20 cats scattered throughout the home in the basement, as well as the garage. In all there were over 47 cats throughout the home, including the 27 in the bedroom.

The Humane Society did say that cats were in overall good health and they should be available for adoption in the near future.

“This one is one of the better ones we have seen because overall, the house was pretty well taken care of,” she said. “Overall, they do look pretty healthy.”