One Direction Is A Parody On ‘Bob’s Burgers’? [Video]

Fans know that One Direction’s last show for their tour is conveniently timed for Halloween, but is Bob’s Burgers hinting at a send off for One Direction with their annual Halloween episode by doing a 1D parody?

On Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episode 3 titled, “The Hauntening,” Tina is excited early on that a new song “dropped” from her favorite One Direction-esque boy band called Boys 4 Now.

Since One Direction is “now four boys” it is not a stretch of the imagination to imagine that Bob’s Burgers might be doing a parody of 1D by calling them Boys 4 Now.

However, as the episode goes on, the clues that Bob’s Burgers is doing a parody of One Direction start adding up. This is especially true due to the commentary that Tina, Louise, and Gene make about this One Direction lookalike band.

For example, the video for Boys 4 Now (1D) song in Bob’s Burgers a girl is portrayed as the typical boy band fan-girl. The girl in the One Direction parody video allegedly got into the video with Boys 4 Now by writing an essay of less than 30,000 words. Tina pipes in about the essay and explains that she didn’t submit her essay because she couldn’t cut it down to less than 30,000 words.

Bob's Burger's team gets together to discuss ideas with the press.

Niall Horan/Boo Boo hints in the Bob’s Burgers episode include Boo Boo’s Niall-esque blonde hair that stands up on end.

Regardless, there is also a chance that Boys 4 Now is not a parody about One Direction. For instance, about Boo Boo, Louise says in Bob’s Burgers, “It was his dumb birthday last week… not that I care or even know that.”

Nevertheless, since this episode aired on October 18, it is unlikely that Louise was actually talking about any of the One Direction gents because Niall Horan’s 22nd birthday was celebrated on September 13.

Whether or not Boys 4 Now is meant to be a parody of One Direction, the cast of Bob’s Burgers seemed to be having a lot of fun with the boy band concept. For example, Boys 4 Now’s musical debut on the Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode included the song “I Love U So Much (It’s Scary).”

Lyrics from the One Direction-style parody song included, “I wish I could make you mine. When I open my mouth, I sound like Frankenstein.”

The chorus includes the following catchy lines states, “It’s freaky, you trick-or-treat me. My teeth are extra sharp my arms are extra hairy. I am running in the dark, I love you so much its scary.”

Of course, this is not the first time someone has done a parody of One Direction. For example, One Direction fans may remember the 2012 parody by Key of Awesome called, “What Makes You Beautiful.”

On April 29, Time posted Amy Schumer’s One Direction parody called, “Girl You Don’t Need Makeup” and the video created for Comedy Central.

On July 1, MTV U.K. posted a video where comedians put together a One Direction parody based on Batman.

A One Direction parody that was done for a good cause includes the song “Get Hit By a Car” by Safe Kids USA that is meant to educate kids about crossing the street safely.

Alternatively, some One Direction parodies are downright disturbing. For example, a One Direction parody was created for Mother’s Day 2015 called, “One Direction One Thing Parody: Mom Thing.” The video includes scenes of a dad giving birth to a pillow all while butchering One Direction’s “One Thing.”

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