Bunny Lain Goes Missing After Finding Lamar Odom Unconscious

In shocking news, Bunny Lain, one of the hookers who found Lamar Odom unconscious, is now missing and hasn't been spoken to in days. Hollywood Life shared that Bunny, who works at the Love Ranch brothel, has not been seen since October 17 when she was spotted in Las Vegas. Now co-workers of Bunny are very worried about her and don't know what to do. Dennis Hoff, the owner of the Love Ranch, also spoke out about Bunny going missing. TMZ spoke out to Dennis about it all.

"Bunny was extremely distraught over the unfortunate Lamar experience and could not quit crying for days."

He went on to say that Bunny left the ranch on October 15. They didn't want her to be alone in this state but couldn't convince her to stick around. Now her friends are very concerned because they haven't heard from Bunny at all. Lain was last seen in Las Vegas, but at this time, nobody is sharing who she was but simply that she is now missing. Vegas is about an hour from the Love Ranch. They are planning to file a missing person's report, but now that this news is out, hopefully Bunny Lain will reveal where she is and how she is doing.

Lamar Odom was at the Love Ranch brothel for four days before being found unconscious. Reports are that he was spending time with more than one woman, but Bunny was the one who found him. It is unknown exactly how much time the two spent together during his time there, but Bunny is obviously very upset about what happened and is now getting away from it all.

The New York Daily News shared a bit about Bunny Lain this week, saying that she calls herself "the girl next door with a splash of kink." Bunny says that what makes her happy is whatever makes the person she is with happy. At this time, there is not a lot of information out about Bunny Lain. She has a Twitter account but has kept it on private so nobody can see what she has to say at this time. On this account, she has a little over 1,000 followers and calls herself a model and adult film star. It does sound like working at the Love Ranch is not the only job that Bunny Lain has or the only thing going for her. Bunny is not the only one who spent time with Lamar before he was found unconscious and ended up in the hospital.

Bunny Lain is still missing at this time, but everyone is hopeful that she will be found soon. Dennis Hoff, the owner of the Love Ranch, should be giving updates if she is located, and hopefully she is doing just fine. It has now been two days since she was last seen, and her exact location is unknown right now.

This could just have been the slap in the face that Bunny Lain needed to go back to her everyday life. Lamar had several drugs in his system, and it is not clear if the hookers, such as Bunny Lain, were doing this along with him or not. Hopefully, they will find Bunny soon and she will be doing just fine when located. Bunny could come out of hiding to let everyone know that she is safe and then continue to stay out of the spotlight.

Do you think that Bunny Lain is just laying low and staying away from everyone? Is she really missing to the point that everyone should be concerned about her well-being? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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