‘General Hospital’ Spoilers And Speculation: Is Billy Miller’s Portrayal As Jason Morgan Continuing Or Ending?

It has taken nearly a year for Billy Miller’s run on General Hospital to hit a payoff point for fans, but the time is coming. Throughout these past months, though, rumors have swirled that Miller will end up leaving soon. While the actor himself never comments on any of these rumors, there is buzz swirling that Billy will, indeed, stay put beyond the big reveal about his character’s identity ahead.

Rumors had swirled for months ahead of Billy Miller’s official beginning in the role of Jason Morgan on General Hospital. Practically the moment Miller started in the role of amnesiac Jake Doe, people started buzzing online that he would leave GH sooner rather than later. There were never any solid sources for the talk, but fans who came to embrace having Miller on the show worried.

Billy Miller previously of 'Young and Restless'

For a while, there was even talk that Billy Miller would leave General Hospital and head back to The Young and the Restless in the role of Billy Abbott. Many Y&R fans would say that the show and character just have not been the same since Miller left. Though Burgess Jenkins is in the role now, a lot of fans have made it clear online that they would be happy to have Miller back.

Despite all of the buzz, which recently seemed to be escalating, it seems that Miller is prepared to stay put. Celeb Dirty Laundry notes that General Hospital is seemingly working on casting a hot leading man, though they speculate that the contract spot is for either a different character replacement or a new character, not for Jason Morgan, as some had speculated.

However, Soap Central notes that there are rumors continuing to swirl that one current leading man on the cast is angling to depart a soap show. While many tend to look to Miller when this type of talk circulates, there have also been rumors about Jason Thompson perhaps looking to leave the role of Dr. Patrick Drake. The current casting description could certainly be a fit on that front. Per Serial Scoop, neither Thompson or Miller are the subject of the hot rumor about a departure from the soap world making the rounds, however.

Though GH fans who are enjoying Billy Miller in the role of Jake Doe and Jason Morgan will likely always worry that a change is in the works, there is talk that Miller is still on contract for another year. Neither the show or the actor talk specifics on this front, though insiders have reportedly indicated that Miller is staying put, at least for the foreseeable future.

Billy Miller of 'General Hospital'

Miller was a big score for General Hospital, so fans can be sure that they will do whatever they can to keep him. The response from fans has been passionate on this storyline, and everybody knows there is a great deal yet to come. Though many GH fans continue to miss Steve Burton in the role and likely always will, Billy Miller’s take on the character has generated a lot of passion, as well.

Billy made it clear via an interview a while back with Michael Fairman at On Air On Soaps that he has been very specific in his approach to this character, particularly when it comes to “Jake’s” relationships with both Elizabeth and Sam. It is easy to see in the interview that Miller is throwing himself fully into this character, and it certainly doesn’t sound as if he’s got any itch to leave Port Charles any time soon.

Just how will Jake learn he is Jason, and what does that mean for both Elizabeth and Sam? There are big developments on this front coming this week, and everybody expects the drama to play out in full force during their wedding day episodes in early November.

What comes after the big Jason Morgan reveal? This storyline has been taking much longer to play out than fans would have liked, so they are anxious to see some juicy scenes once the truth is revealed. Beyond that, fans will just have to wait and see. Luckily, at least for the moment, the rumors that Billy Miller is leaving General Hospital seem to be dying down a touch, and perhaps fans can relax and embrace what the writers have in store for Jason Morgan in the episodes to come.

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