Jill Duggar And Husband Derick Dillard Head Back To Central America, When Will They Be Back?

It looks like Jill Duggar has officially said goodbye to the U.S. and her family. Fans have been wondering just when the reality star and husband Derick Dillard would return to the mission field in Central America, and it has now been revealed that the Dillard family has now departed. It also looks like this time they will not be back home for a long while.

In a post written on their Dillard Family website on Monday, Jill and Derick, along with son Israel, left the country sometime this past weekend. They posted a few photos of their departure and of them saying goodbye to their family. They mentioned just how hard it is to say farewell once again to the Duggars, as well as the Dillard family. They said that they had a great visit, but now they are off to do the work that they started.

When will they be back for another visit? It looks like it will be many months before their families will be able to see them in person again. Jill and Derick had this to say on the Duggar official Facebook page.

"We are looking forward to seeing the faces of the sweet friends we've made in Central America who are helping us in our mission work. It will be next summer before we are able to make a short visit back to the States again."
By the time Jill Duggar gets back next summer, Jessa's new baby will be almost a year old, and some of her siblings could either be courting or even married. You just never know. A Duggar engagement never lasts long at all.

In the photos that were posted on their website, the family looked like some tears were shed as they said their goodbyes. Jessa, who is almost ready to give birth to her first child, along with sister Jana, were spending some last minute time with their nephew Israel at the airport. Jill's younger brothers and sisters took turns posing for photos and saying goodbye to the baby.

Jill Duggar with Anna and Derick
Anna Duggar with Jill and Derick. (Photo by Dillard website)

It looks like Anna Duggar did not go to the airport with the rest of the family. In some other photos posted, it looks like she said goodbye to them back at home instead of the airport. There were also pictures with Mackenzie and Michael, Anna and Josh Duggar's two older kids.

There is another photo of Jill and Derick sitting in the airplane, and they had someone else sitting with them. It looks like Derick's mother, Cathy Dillard, may have gone back with them to Central America. That would certainly be a treat for her to see their home away from Arkansas. She is said to be in good health after a battle with cancer last year.

Jill Duggar
Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard leave. (Photo by Dillard site)

According to the post, the Dillards will be quite busy when they get back to the mission field. It sounds like they are excited to get back into the swing of things in their ministry. However, the couple said that they still need to finish up their Spanish classes.

"In the weeks ahead language school will become much more intense as we work to become fluent in Spanish."
In addition to all of that, Jill and sister Jessa Seewald are launching their new reality show on TLC called Jill and Jessa: Counting On. The network gave a sneak peek on what to look forward to when it airs in December. It looks like the girls will touch a little bit on their brother, Josh Duggar, and his sexual scandal. However, most of the show will be all about their own lives with their husbands and new babies, and life on the mission field for Jill and Derick.

Do you think that Jill Duggar will stay away from her family for that long?

[Photos by Dillard Family website, Jill Duggar / Instagram]