‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Salem Says Goodbye To Will, Andre Shakes Up Town With Big Reveal

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday’s episode indicate that this will be a heartbreaking episode to watch. Will Horton was killed by the Necktie Killer and during the October 19 episode, his loved ones will get together to mourn his passing. What else is coming up in this show?

As She Knows Soaps details, everybody will gather to say goodbye to Will, and there are some very difficult moments ahead. Not only has Will’s death shaken up everybody in town, there are signs that the event could be utilized as a way to shock everybody even more.

'Days of Our Lives' star Thaao Penghlis

Andre DiMera is back in Salem, but up until now, his return was known by only his family. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers had already teased that Andre would make his presence known in a big way, and that comes on Monday’s show. We Love Soaps confirms that Andre reveals his return during this episode, and it is said to happen at Will’s funeral.

Though much of the focus during Monday’s DOOL is on Will’s funeral, viewers will see other developments, as well. There have been teases of big mysteries being resolved soon, and viewers know that the show’s 50th anniversary is just a matter of days away now. The show has detailed that big twists and reveals are coming with that anniversary during the November sweeps, but some of the current storylines will carry on into the winter.

Given that, what else is coming on Monday’s show? Caroline Brady’s health has been declining, and there is more from Caroline on this October 19 episode. She has been having visions about her son, and it seems there is more on that front in this show. Luckily, viewers will see serious forward progress on this particular storyline as the week continues.

What else is slated to happen during the week of October 19? A big confession is coming from the Necktie Killer on Tuesday’s show, but this confession may not change things up in Salem all that much. Fans will have to wait and see just who hears the confession and what happens after the admission. In addition, romance is brewing for Nicole and Daniel, while other relationships are crumbling under pressure.

'Days of Our Lives' star John Sciulli

Freddie Smith returned as Sonny Kiriakis to mourn the loss of Will, but he departs again on Thursday’s episode. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that potentially deadly plans are put into motion, while fan favorite characters work together to make things right. Fans can expect some big moments in this week of episodes as the show continues its quest to focus on central DOOL families and characters.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the episodes ahead tease that Chad will emerge from his coma a little bit down the road, though it’s not happening quite yet, and he will immediately face a new and difficult challenge. There are more deaths ahead, but they may not necessarily be at the hands of the Necktie Killer. Additional character returns and departures are coming, and the next few weeks will be filled with drama and emotion.

How will the Necktie Killer finally be caught? Who else may perish along the way? Viewers have been hearing about this big 50th anniversary arc for months now, and so far, the drama has had fans on the edges of their seats. As wild a ride as it has been over the past month or two, there is plenty more ahead. Tune in to Days of Our Lives, airing weekdays on NBC, to see just how it all comes together in the coming weeks.

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