Gwen Stefani Will Be Back On The Voice

It’s true that Christina Aguilera will be returning as coach on NBC’s hit show The Voice this winter, replacing Gwen Stefani. But Gwen will be back, according to an interview with Billboard.

Stefani admits that the people on The Voice are kind of like her family. After her recent divorce to long-time husband Gavin Rossdale, it’s no surprise that the singer is feeling a little lonely and missing the people on the show.

“They’re all so smart, they’re all lovely. They all got my back. I love them,” she said. She confirmed that in the future, she would love to return as a coach.

The airing of The Voice is about halfway over, which means that Gwen has been away from her peeps for quite sometime. She’ll be reunited with them for a short time during the live showing when the finalists compete, but after that, it’ll be on to Christina Aguilera in Gwen’s chair, and onto other things for Stefani.

“I can’t wait to get back on set and do the lives. It’s so fun. It’s the funnest thing I think I’ve ever done, and so inspiring,” she continued.

During her spare time now, she holds a few concerts here and there and spends time with her kids. She announced on Twitter that she would be holding a private concert on Saturday for MasterCard holders in New York City. The show was dubbed on Twitter as #PricelessSurprises. She also hinted in a tweet that she would be playing new music in this concert.

She also admits that she doesn’t know what she will be doing in the future, whether being a coach on The Voice or going on another tour. She says she’s trying to live in the here and now. “It’s such a great, amazing time,” she finishes.

She was also asked about what it would be like to be a contestant on The Voice, and she confessed that she doesn’t think she would survive as a contestant.

“I can’t imagine doing what they do. I couldn’t do it. I mean, the pressure, and then to be having us trying to tell them, ‘Okay and then you can do this and you can do that,’ taking in all that information and trying to make it happen on a live TV show. It’s a lot. They do really good.”

She refused to answer the question about which coach she would choose if she were a contestant. She talks about working with both Pharrell and Adam before, but admits that she’s never worked with Blake. Could that statement be enough to quell the rumors that Blake and Gwen have been seeing each other since both of their divorces?


When she mentioned that she worked with Pharrell in the past, that’s no doubt referencing the fact that she and Williams collaborated on the song “Can I Have It Like That,” which was one of Pharrell’s songs featuring Gwen. She says that she hopes to do more music like that, determined to make a hit for her 9-year-old son Kingston.

XX performs onstage during iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2014, hosted by Z100 New York and presented by Goldfish Puffs at Madison Square Garden on December 12, 2014 in New York City.

Towards the end of her interview, Stefani explained that The Voice is so inspiring to her not because of the popularity or fame of the show, but because she’s able to help so many people develop their dreams.

“How many Michael Jacksons are there in a lifetime, or in generations? They come along when they come along,” Stefani said. “It’s just a platform. There’s so many talented people but there has to be magic and things, destiny and fate, and God, and all these things have to happen for a superstar to emerge.”

With such glowing words for the hit television show, it won’t be any surprise when Gwen Stefani returns to The Voice in future seasons.

[Image via Christopher Polk / Getty Images]