Free Lowriders DLC for ‘GTA V’ Bring Cars, Customization, And Lamar Missions

The newest free DLC for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is here and live. Fans can now get the new Lowriders DLC for GTA V in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

GTA V continues to grow years after its debut, thanks to GTA V Online multiplayer modes and DLCs. Today, Rockstar announced a new free DLC that will bring an amazing new car modification shop, Benny’s Original Motor Works, to PC and latest-gen console GTA V players. Benny’s Original Motor Works is GTA V’s hottest car modification shop in Los Santos, located at Strawberry, right below the Olympic Freeway. While Benny’s Original Motor Works will only provide cool modifications to certain lowrider vehicles, the customizations are rather cool and are worth saving up for.

Car mods at Benny's

Express UK reports that the new GTA V mod store will bring the following car mods.

  • Hydraulics
  • Engines
  • Steering Wheels
  • Rims
  • Tires
  • Gear Shift Levers
  • Horns
  • Bobbleheads
  • Rear window Plaques
  • Vanity Plates & Plate Holders
  • Soundsystem Mods
  • Custom Paint Jobs

On top of these modifications, GTA V’s new Benny’s Original Motor Works will introduce two must-have cars: the Declasse Moonbeam van and the Willard faction. What’s unique with the new Declasse Moonbeam van is that it gives GTA V players the ability to carry and use two-handed weapons from the back doors of the car.

Yesterday, Rockstar released a video on what Benny’s Original Motor Works will be capable of. GTA V players are already putting in their feedback, noting that while the new GTA V mod store delivers on the promises of the trailer, they can’t help but notice that things are getting a little bit more expensive for their comfort.

GTA V player PiemelPaus comments on the Rockstar website that after visiting Benny’s Original Motor Works, he noticed that it would take at least $1 million in cash to max out just one lowrider.

“Really cool update but from my perspective way to expensive, 1 million to max out just one lowrider is crazy, kind of gives me the feeling that Rockstar wants us to buy sharkcards… Would also lover to see this content in SP, as some people can’t afford PS plus/ xbox live or have really unstable internet connections.”

Just hours after the release of the DLC, a lot of GTA V players are already broke from trying to upgrade their lowriders. It seems Rockstar is getting more and more aggressive to encourage players to spend real dollars to get more GTA V bucks. It also pushes players who want to afford the extravagant stuff to invest more time in the game. With all the great games coming out lately, who would have so much time playing heists and missions anyway? But remember the $10m jet from a previous DLC back in June? Who would want to miss those kinds of things?

$10m dollar plane in GTA V

The Lowrider DLC for GTA V also contains more updates to the game. Fresh ammunitions are delivered to our favorite GTA V ammunition shop, Ammu-Nation, bringing the rapid fire Machine Pistol and the wild Machete. GTA V’s Rockstar Editor is also bringing a new feature: the Scene Creator. Scene creator lets the player create custom settings with over 200 background props to play with. Up to four scenes can be saved for reuse in the GTA V Editor.

Lamar is also seeing eight new Contact Missions in GTA V. The Lamar missions are all centered around him wanting to become “ruler of Los Santos’ lowrider scene.” Stay alert since Lamar will contact you via phone for these new GTA V missions.

View the full list of updates included in the new lowrider DLC for GTA V at the Rockstar Newswire website.

[Images via Rockstar]