Was Brooks Ayers’ Birthday Party Staged? Vicki Gunvalson Thinks So

Brooks Ayers has distanced himself completely from The Real Housewives of Orange County. Brooks decided to end his relationship with Vicki Gunvalson and move across the country. He is currently residing in Florida, and he refused to film the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special. Instead, Ayers sat down with Andy Cohen to share his side of the story in a separate interview. Clearly, Brooks doesn't want to confront the ladies on the show.

Brooks Ayers stands by his claims that he is struggling with cancer. Ayers claims he has struggled with cancer several times before, and this time he is truly battling for his life. But his stories didn't add up, and Gunvalson got caught in the middle, because she continued to defend him. She had no reason to believe that Ayers was lying about having cancer. Sadly, this has now alienated Vicki completely from the Real Housewives ladies.

According to a new tweet, Vicki Gunvalson is convinced that the birthday party held for Brooks Ayers during the Real Housewives of Orange County season was staged. Vicki believes that the ladies wanted information about Brooks, and to possibly catch him in a lie. She strongly believes that the ladies already had their suspicions and wanted to set him up. And she revealed this during a Twitter conversation with some followers.


"You and Brooks need to be removed from the show. This cancer matter is going to end badly and does not honor those with cancer," one person wrote to Vicki, while Vicki chimed in, "I agree with you and this topic was never meant to continue all season long. Remember it started from Tamra's psychic," putting all of the blame back on Tamra.

"And the 'gracious' (cough) B-day cake that she wanted to give him at her gym (just so they could grill him.)," a second person wrote back to her in support, which had Gunvalson reply, "Yes I realize now it was all a set up! They really didn't want to wish him happy bday! Another betrayal."

This is the first time that she is letting her thoughts be known about the birthday party. Tamra had gotten all of the ladies together at the gym and invited Brooks Ayers. She presented Brooks with a birthday cake to celebrate his birthday. After the cake, the ladies asked Ayers about his cancer, and he started giving them information about his illness. Brooks never thought that this information would be used against him. As for his former fling, she believes that her co-stars staged the birthday party to grill him about his illness.

Vicki Gunvalson RHOC

As for Gunvalson, she has moved on from both Brooks and from the Real Housewives ladies. Recently, she posted a picture of herself with Jeana Keough, an original housewife.

"Surrounding myself with the original HW that actually is not evil #friends #wantthebestforeachother #family #workingwomen #bothsinglenow," she revealed, sharing that she was returning to the original housewife. In the progress, she wants Meghan King Edmonds fired for causing up so much trouble.

Gunvalson will try to defend Brooks Ayers one more time at the reunion special. In her blog for Bravo, she reveals that she didn't have enough information about Ayers' illness to prove that he does, indeed, have cancer. And since Brooks left her before the reunion was filmed, he wasn't present to back her up.

"The constant subject line of Brooks' cancer, his choice of treatment, and if he was 'faking' it or not has gotten out of control. My stance is I do not believe he faked cancer, as there are way too many people involved, way too many doctor visits and way too many doctor reports which would be very difficult to falsify. As I said at the reunion, I didn't have enough information that he does have cancer, and I didn't have enough information that he doesn't," she reveals in her blog.

Do you think the birthday party for Brooks Ayers was staged on The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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