Car Crashes Into Motorcycle Trying To Pass Driver, Says ‘I Don’t Care’ When Motorcycle Driver And Rider Crash [Video]

Looks like the driver in the white sedan in the video below has a lot of explaining to do. As seen in the clip, the driver purposely veered into the path of Eric Sanders, who was riding his motorcycle with a passenger on his bike when he tried to pass the elderly man in the white sedan. Instead of remaining in his own lane and allowing Sanders to pass him on the motorcycle, the white sedan’s driver moved to the left and struck the motorcyclist, causing him and his passenger to crash.

Warning: The below video showing the motorcycle crash contains language and events that could be disturbing to some viewers.

The motorcycle driver and his passenger experienced injuries as a result of the crash. Eric has road rash and deep lacerations over his body as a result of the motorcycle crash caught on video that has caused DPS to investigate, reports WFAA‎.

“I’ve got a gouge in my elbow that is bone-deep,” the motorcycle driver explained.

Sanders can be seen jumping up and down after the motorcycle crash, likely due to both pain and anger. Eric asks the motorcyclist who has stopped to film him to make sure that he gets the license plate of the driver in the white sedan, who has pulled over to the side of the road, along with another vehicle, no doubt to check on Sanders’ condition and that of his motorcycle passenger.

The video showing two hurt when the car crashed into the motorcycle near Granbury, Texas, is nearly three minutes long and has gained more than 120,000 views within two days. As reported by the Dallas Morning News‎, the motorcycle crash occurred on Saturday, October 17 during the afternoon. It was a friend of Eric’s who captured the video footage of the incident as Sanders rode in front of him along Tin Top Highway near Granbury in Hood County.

eric sanders

The video itself went viral first on Facebook, gaining more than one million views. Sanders drives his motorcycle along the highway without incident for some time. Eventually, the motorcyclist recording the events and Eric both slow down as they approach a couple of vehicles. The first SUV allows Sanders to pass by on the left without incident. The other vehicle, however, the white sedan, won’t allow Eric to pass him — and that’s when the white sedan is shown moving to the left into the path of the motorcycle.

Whether the driver of the white sedan was angered at Sanders’ attempt to pass him isn’t clear. It is not yet known if the white car’s driver simply intended to block Eric from passing or truly intended to knock Sanders and his girlfriend off the motorcycle. What is known is that Sanders and his girlfriend appear shocked and hurt in the video, with the woman laying on the ground and seemingly shaking when she is asked if she’s okay.

eric sanders

Texas police are looking into the wreck, with the viral video as a key piece of evidence. Sanders hasn’t been ticketed yet for crossing the double-yellow lines — but if the driver of the white sedan is found to have intentionally crashed into the motorcycle, he could face a felony charge. The DA should bring a decision this week. The video is surely damning, with the first words out of the driver’s mouth showing a lack of empathy for the condition of the motorcycle driver and his passenger.

“I don’t care. I don’t care…”

Sanders believes the man in the white car hit the motorcycle on purpose. Eric suffered a broken wrist and deep arm cuts.

[Images via Bikes_vs_Cops/ YouTube]