Tamra Barney Speaks Out On Instagram Ahead Of 'RHOC' Reunion, Claims Brooks Ayers Creates Fake Twitter Accounts

Tamra Barney and the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County will be seen in the Season 10 reunion later tonight. But first, she's taken to social media, where she's taken a hit at Brooks Ayers, whom she claims is faking cancer.

The tweet above, which was shared on October 18, came just days after Tamra Barney went public with her allegation that Ayers does not truly have cancer. During an interview with All Things Real Housewives, Tamra Barney took aim at the inconsistencies in Ayers' claims, and said simply, "I don't think he has cancer." Tamra Barney also dissed Vicki Gunvalson in the interview, claiming her former best friend had attempted to use her as a pawn in their cancer storyline.

After being asked why Gunvalson and Ayers chose to show her, out of everyone, Ayers' cancer documentation, Tamra Barney said they likely assumed she wouldn't understand the terminology and would go and tell the other women that Ayers really had cancer. Tamra Barney even accused Gunvalson of being in on Ayers' alleged cancer lie.

Tamra Barney and Gunvalson used to be very close friends, but during The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10, that changed dramatically. As Gunvalson continued to stick by Ayers side, proclaiming he truly has cancer, Tamra Barney grew closer to Meghan King Edmonds, the newest cast member of the Bravo reality series, who has been vocal since the start of the season with her claims that Ayers has been lying about his diagnosis.

Then, after the 10th season wrapped, Tamra Barney announced to fans that she had officially cut Gunvalson out of her life. Below is what Tamra Barney wrote in her blog last week.

"All year I was there to support Vicki, even though I thought in the back of mind something didn't add up. I constantly called and texted checking up on her, even following the filming of the reunion a few weeks ago. But after everything that's happened and hearing her say on WWHL Monday night that "none of us were there for her" for the second time, I have decided to cut Vicki from my life. I just can't do this anymore, it's emotionally exhausting and I don't trust her. All I wanted was to be there for her and everyone in my life warned me (even my husband) that Vicki is out for one person and one person only and that is...VICKI GUNVALSON!"

Tamra Barney also took to Instagram recently, where she shared a photo of her granddaughter, Ava Ryan.

In the caption of a photo of Ava preparing to crawl, Barney wrote, "It's about to happen...... #avaryan is will be on the move soon."

During The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10, Tamra Barney was supportive of Gunvalson and Ayers at first, but after hearing the inconsistencies in his stories, many of which were pointed out by Edmonds, Barney began to have her doubts, which she communicated with Gunvalson. However, once Gunvalson began to feel that Barney was supportive of the ongoing questioning regarding Ayers' cancer, she accused her of not being her friend, and their relationship had been on the rocks ever since.

For more of Tamra Barney and the rest of the cast, tune into The Real Housewives of Orange County's three-part Season 10 reunion, starting tonight, October 19, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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