Giant Alien Spaceship Spotted On Pluto In NASA Photo — UFOlogist Also Spots Ninja Turtle Alien Face With Teeth Bared

An online UFOlogist claims he has sighted a giant spaceship and alien faces on Pluto in a new image of the dwarf planet released by NASA. One of the alien faces looks remarkably like a Ninja Turtle.

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring, claims he found a giant alien spaceship parked on Pluto near a ridge of mountains. You may view the original NASA image in which the spectacular discovery was made here.

Waring claims that the “alien structure” on Pluto looks like a “landed space shuttle.” The space shuttle has glowing white orbs and a distinct giveaway metallic glint (see below), according to the UFO hunter.

The resourceful alien hunter was also able to detect lots and lots of humanoid alien faces in the vicinity of the alien spaceship, including a Ninja Turtle face with teeth bared menacingly.


Waring, as usual, shares keen insights into his bizarre findings.

“Exposing your teeth often shows your veracity or willingness to fight. A few of the faces have human features, but others are very different in every way.”

Going by Waring’s observations we could conclude the Pluto is already populated by a warlike race, a warning to NASA if the agency has any plans for a human colony on the remote dwarf planet.

According to the UFO hunter, the faces give some clues about what Pluto aliens look like. And if you are prone to skepticism that makes you dismiss Waring’s incredible discoveries, the UFO hunter would like to assure you that his professional judgment is trustworthy.


Waring claims that after having discovered at least 1,000 alien faces in NASA photos, he has established the truth of advanced extraterrestrial life and civilization in our vicinity of space beyond any doubt.

“I have posted over 1,000 faces on this site alone which decimates any possibility of this being a coincidence.”

Waring boasts about his hands-on experience at uncovering hidden alien faces in NASA photos. He assures unbelievers that his experience at detecting alien faces in NASA photos goes back decades — nearly four decades.

He made his first discovery of alien faces as a first-grade stripling many years ago. His first discovery was made in the famous Cydonia planes, a region of Mars that lies in the planet’s northern hemisphere.

Waring does not say whether his first “face on Mars” discovery was the same as the famous discovery of a humanoid face in one of the images of the Martian surface snapped by Viking 1 on July 25, 1976 at an altitude of about 1.2 miles from the Martian surface.


Although, scientists have since dismissed the “face” as a pareidolia illusion, it inspired the Mars anomaly movement spearheaded by Richard Hoagland.


Mars anomaly hunters believe that the original “face on Mars” and other “faces” discovered in subsequent Mars photos are evidence of ancient Martian civilizations.

And to back up their bizarre theories about ancient cultures and civilizations on the Red Planet, anomaly hunters have claimed discoveries of evidence of thriving ancient technological cultures on Mars. The evidence, according to anomaly hunters, includes ancient ruins, technological artifacts, and fossil remains of ancient life forms, including humanoid forms.

However, the discovery of a face on Pluto is relatively new and represents an extension of the “search for life” by space anomaly hunters.


Some observers believe that the new discovery of alien spaceships and alien faces on Pluto could have been inspired by the recent statement by NASA scientist and lead researcher Alan Stern that Pluto is “alive.”

“This world is alive. It has weather; it has hazes in the atmosphere, active geology.”

However, the comment by the New Horizons scientist was prompted by evidence that Pluto is still geologically active. The evidence comes from new images of the dwarf planet and its largest moon, Charon, sent back recently by the New Horizons probe.

[Lead Image: Shutterstock / In-Body Images: via UFO Sightings Daily: NASA/JPL]