‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake Pushes Nik For Answers, Hayden Learns New Details, And Sonny Struggles

What’s coming up on Monday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers detail that there is an explosive confrontation between Jake and Nikolas on the way while additional big moments play out throughout Port Charles. Fans will definitely want to tune in for this October 19 episode.

As We Love Soaps shares, Jake will want answers from Nikolas. Viewers watched last week as Jake, Sam, and Spinelli dug further into Jake’s past. They know that Nik was looking at Jake’s DNA, but, of course, they don’t yet know why. Jake stormed over to Wyndemere to push for answers, but he may not learn much yet.

Not only will Nikolas be pushed to reveal information to Jake, General Hospital spoilers indicate that he may inadvertently reveal something key to Hayden. She has been pushing for answers regarding her past and their relationship prior to her shooting, but Nik naturally is holding back a lot. It seems that on Monday’s show she will overhear Nik talking with Spencer about the feelings they have for Hayden, and it may be something of a tender moment.

'General Hospital' star Rebecca Budig

Viewers have now seen that despite all her supposed memory loss, Hayden is working with someone else on something. Just who is she connected to and what is her plan? Fans don’t know the answers to that quite yet, but many suspect that an intriguing new layer to this mystery is about to unfold. Big reveals are coming soon, and there may be some great twists and turns along the way.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Julian makes something of a mysterious phone call, details She Knows Soaps. Just who is on the receiving end of that call and what is it about? Fans will have to tune into Monday’s show to find out, as there are certainly plenty of directions this could head.

In addition, Olivia is facing some realities regarding the lies she has told about Leo. She may think her story will pass muster, but there are surely some shake-ups ahead on this front. It seems that there will be a moment between Molly and Alexis coming up in Monday’s show as well.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers share that Sonny will face some difficult news. He has made it through the shooting, but he did not come out unscathed. Sonny did marry Carly, but he is facing a long road toward recovery, and it seems he may be facing more difficulties than he anticipated.

Viewers will also see Brad connect with Alexis to seemingly clear the way to move forward with Lucas while Nathan will push Dante to come clean with Lulu. Viewers will not want to miss Thursday’s episode, as General Hospital spoilers note a big discovery by Spinelli that could help Jake significantly.

'General Hospital' star Rebecca Herbst

Liz will be getting a wedding shower thrown for her later in the week, but it’s not all fun and games in these last weeks leading up to her wedding. She will be asking Jake to stop digging into his past, and the request will surely make Jake wonder. In addition, Laura will voice some concerns about how Little Jake is acting, urging Liz to get him some professional counseling.

A shocking discovery is on the way for Anna, and General Hospital spoilers seemingly tease that Michael may share the news about Sabrina’s pregnancy with Sonny later in the week. Tense moments are ahead for Kiki and Morgan, teases the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page, while Jake will talk with Carly about his efforts to figure out who he really is.

There is plenty of drama on the way this week, and fans know that it’s full speed ahead to an explosive wedding day for Liz and Jake on November 6. General Hospital spoilers detail that the drama is not letting up anytime soon, and viewers cannot wait to see how everything comes together.

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