AGT Contestant Timothy Poe Receiving Death Threats Over Fake Military Injury Story

Stuttering war veteran Timothy Poe and his family are receiving death threats after the Armed Forces said there was no record of Mr. Poe being injured in Afghanistan as he had claimed.

The America’s Got Talent contestant appeared on the show and claimed an explosion left him brain damaged with a stutter, however troop members and military officials have since shot down that claim, reporting no record of Timothy Poe’s service based injury.

Timothy also provided America’s Got Talent producers with a photo that turned out not to be his own.

In an interview with TMZ Poe’s family revealed they have been receiving death threats in public. Poe’s sister-in-law says a group of kids approached her in a local store and said:

“We’re going to kill you and the whole family.”

Other family members for Timothy Poe have received death threats over the phone and Poe’s own fiancée received a threat after his phone number was leaked on social media website. According to his fiancée the caller said:

“You made American vets look bad and now you’re going to suffer.”

Other callers have promised to show up at Poe’s house with their friends to “deal with the situation” so they better “watch out.”

Following the claims of Fraud a family member for Timothy Poe says he may now be suicidal and that he has refused to leave his house since the scandal first broke.

In the meantime the family has not chosen to get the police involved over the threats.