Adele, New Album Teaser Lyrics Tantalizing, Flaunts Weight Loss From Vegetarian Diet & Fitness [Video]

Adele just hinted at a new album, and the mere mention that the singer so famed she needs only one name (feeling threatened, Madonna or Cher?) has something new in the works quickly went viral. Adele recently has been slimming down as well, and the combination of her weight loss success with a new album has sent social media atwitter.

But does anyone have any clues as to what Adele is planning for that new album? Adele is teasing the planet by not broadcasting all the details of her new album, according to Vanity Fair.

But here’s what is known. Adele will drop her new album before 2016. The third album reportedly will be called 25, and the date of the debut single hasn’t been released yet. However, a weekend British X Factor trailer contained a voice resembling Adele and the lyrics also seemed to reflect the singer’s style.

“They say that time’s supposed to heal ya / but I ain’t done much healing,” read the snippet.

Therefore, the portion of the planet on the Adele fan bandwagon immediately concluded it was from her new album and went wild.

No word from Adele, but a short tweet from One Republic referencing Adele caused the new album rumors to skyrocket because Ryan Tedder reportedly worked on the album as well.

Adele and her new album just went viral.

In addition to Ryan of One Republic, Danger Mouse and Tobias Jesso Jr. have contributed to Adele’s new album, while Max Martin also is a contributor, according to Billboard.

When Adele dropped her previous album, it was a smash, and now her new album is expected to be unveiled in November. Initially, Adele hinted that she would drop her new album, reportedly called 25, in 2014, but then XL Recordings (the singer’s label) x’ed out that plan.

Although Ed Sheeran hasn’t heard Adele’s new album, he revealed what he knew.

“I haven’t heard [Adele’s album], but everyone I know who’ve worked on it is just like, ‘Dude… that record!’ Apparently, it’s really good,” said Sheeran.

And although details about Adele when it comes to her new album are challenging to find, the singer has been more open about her weight loss success, reported the Daily Mail.

Adele earned headlines when she was fat-shamed by Karl Lagerfeld. When the fashion designer termed the singer “too fat,” Adele took action along with her dog Louie and boyfriend Simon Konecki. The singer and her guy pal are on a vegetarian diet (no word on what the dog eats), and Louie joins them in jogging daily.

“The weight is dropping off them and they plan to keep dieting,” revealed a friend of Adele’s. “They are losing weight together, getting fit together and planning a future together. Adele says she’s doing her best work and feels healthier than she has for months.”

Adele will drop a new album in 2015.

In addition, Adele has been candid about owning her curves, reported Hollywood Life.

Not bothered either by Lagerfeld’s comment that she was “too fat” or his later revision of that description to “a little roundish,” Adele once revealed that she has never used other singers’ music videos or supermodels’ covers as her role model for her figure.

“I’ve never seen magazine covers or music videos and been like ‘I need to look like that to be a success.’ I don’t want to be some skinny mini with my t-ts out. I really don’t want to do it and I don’t want people confusing what it is that I’m about,” added Adele.

As for her weight loss, Adele also shared that in 2012, she vowed to get healthy, according to the Express. Part of that plan involved exercise but the other half of the equation focused on diet. Her vegetarian food plan excludes meat completely.

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