‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins’ Top Picks For Hometown Dates Revealed

Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor is more than half way through filming, with at least 19 girls already eliminated from the show. Spoilers indicate that one of Bachelor Chris Soules’ girls, Becca Tilley, is still on the show, and she won’t be going home anytime soon.

Here’s the latest scoop on what’s happened so far, including the name of the girl who received Ben’s first impression rose, some interesting information about Becca Tilley’s status on the show, and the names of the four girls who are rumored to be a Ben’s top picks for hometowns.

[Spoilers ahead]

With just a few more weeks to go before Ben hands out his final rose, the group of girls vying for Ben’s heart has gone from a rumored 28 to nine. According to Reality Steve, the group is currently filming in the Bahamas, where he expects three more girls to go home before they travel to their next destination.

Over the past few weeks, fans who have spotted the cast and crew filming have shared their photos on Twitter and Instagram. The most recent pics show Ben and the girls in Las Vegas, Mexico City, and the Bahamas. According to the Ink Free News, Ben and his remaining ladies will travel to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, on October 25 and 26, so expect more pictures to leak out Twitter around that time.

Filming started in late September, so it’s been a few weeks since Ben gave out his first impression rose. The girl who received the very first rose of the season is rumored to be Virginia-based reporter and news anchor Olivia Caridi. According to WCYV, the 23-year-old graduated from Texas Christian University in 2014 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and joined the station in May 2014.

Will Olivia make it to the final rose ceremony on the upcoming season of the Bachelor? Filming for the finale is still a few weeks away, but a photo taken during this week’s dates in the Bahamas show that has not been sent home yet and is one of nine girls who remain.

On Monday, Reality Steve released the names of the girls who are currently filming in the Bahamas: Caila Quinn, Leah Block, Olivia Caridi, Becca Tilley, JoJo Fletcher, Lauren Bushnell, Amanda Stanton, Lauren Himle, and Emily Ferguson. It looks like the twins — Emily and Haley Ferguson — didn’t make it very far with Ben. Perhaps fans will see them show up in Paradise this summer.

If the list is accurate, it looks like one of Chris Soules’ girls remains on Ben’s season — Becca Tilley. Amber James, also from Chris’ season and Bachelor in Paradise, was last spotted by fans during the dates in Las Vegas, so she may have been sent home during the Week 4 filming.

Will Becca make it to the final two like she did on Chris’ season? A former member of the Bachelor sleuthing website Bach and Bachette Fans claims to have some intel on Becca, stating in a blog post that the information comes from a “good friend” who is connected to the show. The spoilers on the blog indicate that Becca will probably make it to the hometowns, but won’t make it as far as the final rose.

“Becca did make an impression on Ben, but no, he’s not going to pick her. There is one girl that has resulted in him being VERY smitten, and it won’t be hard to see that when the show airs. Unless that girl leaves the show, Becca isn’t going to be F1 [final one].”

Three more girls will probably go home in the Bahamas, leaving five girls to visit Warsaw — the town Ben grew up in. If producers are keeping to a similar shooting schedule as they did for Chris Soules’ season, Ben will leave Indiana with four girls and start the hometown visits at the end of October or the first week of November. Predictions on who will get a hometown date are just hearsay right now, but the rumors point to Joell, Olivia, Becca, and Lauren H. scoring the dates that take place right before the overnights.

The premiere for the Bachelor Season 20 airs January 4, 2016 on ABC.

[Image: ABC Television Network]