One Direction: Evidence Mounts That Their Split Is Permanent

This may be the story that One Direction fans are dreading. Anyone with a passing interest in music knows that One Direction are headed for a split early next year. The official line from the One Direction camp is that the split is temporary, but many believe that they will not return from their extended break. With the end of the “On The Road Again” tour in sight and their fifth album release date less than a month away, there is increasing speculation that One Direction’s show in Sheffield on October 31 may be the last show on their final tour.

It was reported by the Inquisitr back in early September that SyCo boss Simon Cowell has admitted that he does not know if One Direction will reform or not. Cowell admitted that news of One Direction splitting had been drip-fed to the media over the past 12 months in an attempt to lessen the blow to the group’s young fans.

“The official statement is the band are taking a year’s break to pursue solo projects but the truth is they may never come back together.

“It depends how successful their solo careers become and whether all four commit to a comeback because they’ve agreed it has to be all four or nothing following Zayn’s exit.

“I think there will be some solo stuff, then the group will come back together but it’s completely their decision. We don’t know.”

Various members of One Direction have been at pains to reassure fans that the group will reform at some point in the future, but it seems clear that there are no firm plans in place. It is widely known that when Simon Cowell signed One Direction the boys signed a five-year, five-album deal. That deal expires when the new album Made in the A.M. drops on November 13. So far as anyone knows, there is no new deal on the table. It was also widely reported recently that One Direction parted ways with Modest Management.

Perhaps tellingly, One Direction star Liam Payne refused to be drawn on the group’s future when they were interviewed on ITV’s Good Morning Britain last week. When asked about the future, Payne was a long way from committal.

“I should imagine we will probably come back to it at some point.”

According to MTV News, a One Direction insider has endorsed the claims that One Direction’s demise is being drip fed to avoid a major meltdown amongst One Direction fans. The source claims that what is being said in public is a far cry from what is being said behind the scenes.

“There’s a huge difference between what the lads are saying in public, and what they are saying in private, which is, ‘This is the end.’

“One Direction aren’t taking a break. This is it from One Direction, for the very last time. There will be cakes and cards and all sorts of tributes backstage. It will be hugely emotional.”

Unreality TV provided a further piece of evidence, albeit a tenuous one, that One Direction’s split will be permanent. They quote Liam Payne’s father, Geoff, who told Express and Star of his pride in Liam’s achievements and spoke about the future.

“I’ve watched [Liam] grow as an artist; watched him learn how to write songs. I would hope he’ll take a breather once 1D is done…”

Note that Liam’s dad said “once One Direction is done” rather than “when they take a break.” His words are, of course, open to interpretation, and One Direction fans will be hoping that he has simply been misquoted or that his words are taken out of context.

One Direction fans will be hoping that Niall Horan’s message to fans in Ireland over the weekend is the real message. According to Goss, Niall assured fans once again that One Direction will be back.

[Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images]