‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Gets Nostalgic Trailer, Leak Reveals All Hero Powers [Video]

Kids have grown up with Star Wars for the past three decades. What happens when those kids become full-sized adults? That’s the theme of a new Star Wars: Battlefront commercial for the PlayStation 4 that aired on Sunday. Meanwhile, data miners have uncovered more of the PS4, Xbox One, and PC multiplayer shooter’s secrets from the recent beta, such as the powers for the yet-to-be-revealed heroes.

The PlayStation 4 commercial is a nice bit of nostalgia as a guy stuck in his boring office reminisces about the Star Wars­-filled youth that he and his brother shared. The audience sees a montage of drawing and playing with toys, lightsaber duels using flashlights, dressing up a characters for Halloween, birthday cakes, and crazy bicycle builds.

The guy is broken out of his reverie by his brother inexplicably appearing outside of his skyscraper office window with a pair of X-Wings, one with an empty seat just for him. The commercial cuts to a chase after Tie Fighters and then footage from the battlefield of Hoth that is definitely not in the game itself.

As something that is meant to show off what actually happens in a game, this Star Wars: Battlefront commercial doesn’t actually do that. It is a very effective commercial for the mass market, though, by evoking the shared memories of pretty much anyone who has just an inkling of interest in the game.

It’s also an effective marketing tool for the PlayStation 4. Sony and Electronic Arts have entered into an exclusive marketing agreement for Star Wars: Battlefront that the console maker hopes is just as effective as the one for Destiny.

In the instance of Destiny, the marketing campaign was so effective that some gamers thought the game was a PlayStation exclusive unavailable on the Xbox consoles. With no big AAA exclusives of its own this holiday season, the PS4 will need the help of these kinds of marketing agreements. The recent $50 console price drop helps too, of course.

Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 Commercial

Meanwhile, some crafty Bothans managed to dig into the Star Wars: Battlefront beta files and dig out even more details about the game. The actual list of everything in the game was posted on Pastebin (via PCGamesN) and reveals every detail about the game from weapons to Star Cards to characters. Particularly, characters such as the Heroes and Villains that players will get to control in many of the multiplayer game modes.

Star Wars: Battlefront players got a taste of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, and their abilities, in the beta. Luke had the ability to block with his lightsaber, Force Push, and Saber Rush along with Light and Heavy attacks. Vader had the block ability along with both Light and Heavy attacks, but he could also throw his lightsaber and Force Choke enemies.

When the game releases on November 17, players will also get the chance to play as Emperor Palpatine, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Boba Fett.

For the other Heroes, Princess Leia will have the Trooper Bane ability that allows her to one-shot most enemies. Meanwhile, she will also be able to call in a Supply Drop for allies, set up an enhanced shield for protection, and perform a combat roll. Most interestingly, she will be able to call in the Alderaan Honor Guard to spawn on her.

Star Wars: Battlefront - Boba Fett (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Han Solo will be able to perform a Shoulder Charge or get a Lucky Shot in for extra damage against infantry and vehicles. There’s also a Six Shooter ability to rapidly fire a blaster and he also can do a combat roll.

Emperor Palpatine’s powers are lightning-based, as is to be expected, but he also has some abilities that mirror Princess Leia’s. He can use Chain Lightning against enemies, as well as Block and Force Dash to get away quickly. There’s also Force Lightning and a Mindtrick. He can also call in an Imperial Resources supply drop and have Shock Troopers spawn on him.

Finally, Boba Fett’s abilities include the ability to fly for a limited time with his Jetpack, fire a Rocket Barrage, and use a Flame pack for a flamethrower-like burst effect.

Which hero or villain are you looking forward to playing in Star Wars: Battlefront? Sound off in the comments below.

[Photos courtesy of Star Wars: Battlefront/PlayStation YouTube Channel]