Has Lana Del Rey Been Forgotten By James Franco?

Lately, Lana Del Rey has been having a lot of success with her Honeymoon album release. Despite this, devoted fans may wonder what happened to the intense friendship between Lana Del Rey and James Franco.

The last news from Lana Del Rey and James Franco comes in the form of an interview that they did for Vulture around September 3. Before that, around July 23, it was announced by Vulture in a second article that James Franco was planning on writing a book about Lana Del Rey.

However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, the most that Lana Del Rey seems to be doing these days is hanging out with her boyfriend, Francesco Carrozzini, in Los Angeles. It also appears that Francesco and Lana Del Rey are getting more serious because they may have sold his place in New York City.

James Franco's Bar Mitzvah - Hilarity For Charity's 4th Annual Variety Show - Arrivals

As of late, Lana Del Rey has been in the headlines during late September as being “exhausted,” according the New Yorker. In early October, Lana Del Rey was described as being an ice queen, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Otherwise, Lana Del Rey is the center of funny stories by other musicians — and they find it hard to believe LDR can be icy. NME reports the following about The Foals’ French encounter with Lana Del Rey on October 15.

“Lana Del Rey… ended up coming to dinner via a mutual friend. I got really excited. I’m in awe of her… She’s really nice. I didn’t say anything. I was like a sweaty teenager, wanting to hide under the table. [Lana Del Rey] was just generally a sweetheart. The world is better for Lana Del Rey being here.”

While it can be said that Lana Del Rey does not have much space in her life for James Franco, the same can be true from his perspective.

James Franco has been busy and getting lots of compliments. For instance, the New York Post speculates that if James Dean was still alive today, he might have turned out like James Franco.

Also, James Franco may not have time to catch up with Lana Del Rey because he is involved in his own projects.

On October 6, Dallas Magazine reported that James Franco was in Texas filming a new Hulu series based on a Stephen King novel called 11/22/63. With themes related to JFK’s assassination, it seems like Lana Del Rey would love to visit with James Franco on the set and see all of the 1960s vintage costumes — but there are no reports to show she was in the area around that time.

Adding to the idea that James Franco is a busy person, Palo Alto Online reported in May that he is teaching a film class throughout the fall and winter at a Palo Alto high school.

As if he did not have enough jobs in October, James Franco also filmed a video game trailer. According to an October 9 report from Gamespot, James Franco smashes a controller for the new Guitar Hero Live game.

The Daily Mail reported on October 17 that James Franco can’t spend time with Lana Del Rey in Malibu because he is filming Deuces for a TV series on HBO in NYC.

Nonetheless, a day later on October 18, TMZ reported that James Franco raised money for an Alzheimer’s charity by throwing himself a faux bar mitzvah. Although the event was in Hollywood, it is unclear if Lana Del Rey attended to see her old bud James Franco.

Miley Cyrus at James Franco's Bar Mitzvah.

In the end, James Franco and Lana Del Rey may have a chance to reconnect after all. On October 12, the Wrap reports that James Franco and Scott Haze will opening a theater together in Los Angeles.

According to the report, “Rattlestick West will operate out of the Sherry Theater, though there are plans in the near future to build a new venue in North Hollywood to be known as the Rattlestick West Theater.”

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