WWE News: CM Punk Lashes Out At Fan Who Claims He Abandoned The WWE

CM Punk is a well-known Chicago Cubs fan. The former WWE champion is basking in their glory as the Cubs made the National League Championship Series. After two games against the New York Mets, the Cubs’ chance of their first World Series title since 1908 is dwindling, but the WWE legend isn’t giving up hope. His Twitter is keeping positive vibes high, but it’s the WWE Universe that doesn’t believe in CM Punk.

Fans have ridden the Cubs hype train all season long. Theo Epstein built a great but young squad that took out the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals in succession. Now that the Cubs made the NLCS, Punk couldn’t be happier. He’s also living out his dream as a UFC fighter for the first time. Even though Punk’s doing the right things, that isn’t pleasing one specific fan who called out the former WWE superstar.

CM Punk UFC Debut

At first glance, it was a classless thing for the fan to say. Punk never abandoned the WWE. He left because of the culmination of frustration, pain, and sickness. It took a hit at the wrong time for WWE fans. Since he was so beloved by the WWE Universe, they simply didn’t him to leave.

CM Punk isn’t shy when talking back to erratic fans on Twitter. Therefore, minutes later the former WWE star shot back at the person on Twitter in classic Punk fashion.

@CMPunk: @dailystache c*** like you ruin s*** for real fans. I “abandoned” a company? F******* your childish entitlement. Pig.

The tweet has since been deleted, but Punk didn’t back down from his words. He wasn’t done responding to those who lashed out at him on a daily basis. Early this morning, Punk sent out a general tweet at those who criticize him normally.

WWE fans are allowed to think whatever they want. That’s the great thing about professional wrestling. Each person will share their specific opinion and never shy away from it. It’s a bit more polarizing than pro sports because of its uniqueness and special way the athletes interact with the fans. The WWE Universe is right on top of the action and has a say in what goes on behind the scenes.

Wrestlers like CM Punk and Chris Jericho understand that, which is what makes them so successful. Recently, Jericho was interviewed by FoxSports.com in the last few days and talked about WrestleMania 32, as well as CM Punk.

“Punk and I were smart enough to know that’s all we need. We don’t need 20 minutes of talking. We don’t need electrocutions or going through tables or whatever the hell they do to build up their angles. All we need is just 10 minutes of talking time, 10 minutes of TV time and we’ll do the rest.”

Instead of working 300 days out of the year, CM Punk is ready for a UFC debut. He’s writing comic books for Marvel Comics and loving Chicago sports with his wife, AJ Lee. Simply because Punk left the WWE on a sour note shouldn’t warrant the criticism he receives.

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[Images via WWE.com and YouTube]