'How To Stab A Jew': Israeli Ambassador Shows Startling Image Allegedly Shown To Palestinian Children

Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, claims that a horrifying image titled "how to stab a Jew" is being shown to Palestinian children in order to teach them "how to hate." The claims come just days after at least 41 Palestinians and seven Israelis were killed when violence erupted in the streets. This includes four alleged Palestinian knife attackers who were shot dead by Israeli police in Hebron.

The Daily Mail reports that U.N. ambassador for Israel, Danny Danon is making horrifying claims against those teaching young Palestinian children to hate from an early age. The ambassador claims that an image titled "how to stab a Jew" is being shown to young Palestinian children in a bid to place hate for Jews in their heart. The school-aged children were allegedly shown the photo which showed a man's torso along with the locations of main arteries. The photograph then indicates which areas should be stabbed to prove fatal to "the Jew." The knives are shown near the temple, neck, shoulders, and mid-section.

How to stab a jew
Danny Danon shows the startling image that he claims is being shown to young Palestinian children to teach hate. (Image Credit: REUTERS/ Michelle Nichols)

While the U.N. Security Council meeting in New York was preparing to begin, Israeli ambassador Danny Dannon showed those present an image that he alleges shows exactly how Palestinian students are "taught how to hate." The image stirred controversy as it was titled "How to stab a Jew" and showed the points on the body that can prove fatal if stabbed.

The report seems to be authenticated by a YouTube video that was posted by a terrorist group that showed a "manual" on "how to stab a Jew." The YouTube video was reported by the New York Daily Post which outlines that the same image is used under various titles including: "Third Intifada," "The Knife Intifada," "Poison the Knife before you Stab," and "Slaughtering the Jews." A terrorist youth organization that still maintains a Facebook page has also posted videos detailing the best way to pull off a stabbing. The Facebook page is titled "Intifada Youth Coalition — Palestine" and seems to encourage the killing of Jews.The "how to stab a Jew" poster comes following four separate knife attackers being killed in Israel by police. The attacks all took place in Hebron as the streets were packed. There has been increasing violence in the streets of Israel, and Dannon is blaming the hate for Jews which is perpetuated by the Palestinians. In fact, on Friday, a group of Palestinians firebombed the Joseph's Tomb site located on the West Bank in the first assault of its kind on a religious site.

Historically, orthodox Jews were allowed at Joseph's tomb, a holy site for the Jews, if it coordinated with Palestinian authorities. However, a group of orthodox Jews recently entered the area to pray and were subsequently removed by the army after they began to clash with Palestinians in the street. The increase in violence stems from the fact that Palestinians believed that Israel was going to attempt to take the holy site referred to as the Temple Mount to the Jews and al-Aqsa Mosque to Muslims. However, Israel stands firm that they have no plans to take the holy site by force, but that didn't stop the violence from beginning following the Jewish New Year.

What do you think about the latest image outlining "how to stab a Jew?" Is this proof that Palestinian children are being taught to hate Jews from an early age?

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