Two Beat Oryx In ‘Destiny’ King’s Fall Raid Meant For Six

The Destiny King’s Fall Raid has only been out for a couple of weeks and has already become old hat to some PlayStation and Xbox players. They’ve begun trying to find ways to not only beat Oryx, but to beat Bungie’s design of the Raid and do it with fewer players than intended.

YouTube user “The Legend Himself” (aka CommanderCuesta) published a video of he and another player called “A Death Card” taking on the Oryx encounter in King’s Fall with just two people. Bungie’s entire design of the Raid was to force players into completing it with a full six-man Fireteam. However, players began coming up with creative ways to defeat Oryx with only four players and then three players.

CommandCuesta and A Death Card are the first to successfully two-man the biggest Destiny encounter. So how were they able to do it? First let’s look at the mechanics of beating Oryx. You can scroll down if you want to just get to the part about how they did it.

CommanderCuesta celebrates beating Oryx as a Fireteam of two.

Designed Oryx Encounter

So here’s how the encounter with Oryx in King’s Fall is normally supposed to go, according to Bungie’s design. Four players stand next to each of the pillars that circle the room. A fifth player is in the middle to help with minions and the sixth player will be the Spark Runner.

The entire Fireteam moves to the front of the room and grabs the spark to trigger the encounter. Taken Thrall will spawn on either side of the front to be killed, followed by Taken Knights on the two front pillars. Players will need to clear them out and then move into their positions. The Spark Runner will join the player holding the pillar that Oryx has moved to.

Oryx slams his hand down on the pillar and the Spark Runner will jump up first to grab the spark left behind, followed by the player responsible for that pillar. The player counter-clockwise from the first player will then need to jump on their pillar followed by the next player. The fourth player in the counter-clockwise rotation will not be required to jump on their pillar.

Platforms will form in the air as the four pillar players jump on their platforms. The Spark Runner will jump on these platforms and run through each of the sparks on each. The final platform holds the final spark to grab and then jump down.

While the Spark Runner is running and jumping, Light-eater Ogres will spawn at each of the four pillars in the same counter-clockwise order that players jumped on the pillars. Each will need to be killed as quickly as possible while staying on the platforms until the Runner has grabbed the last spark. When killed, the Ogres will each leave behind a Corrupted Light Bomb.

Once the Spark Runner has grabbed the spark, everyone should drop to the middle of the room and kill the Vessel Knight that spawns from the Hive dropship. This will give the Spark Runner the Aura of Invincibility, which is needed to survive the next part.

Destiny Oryx Two-Manned

Oryx will slam his fist on the same pillar again and then his chest will open up. While in the Aura, the entire Fireteam should shoot Oryx in the chest to stagger him. If they cannot stagger him, it’s a wipe. If they can stagger him, each of the four pillar players should run to the Corrupted Light Bomb and stand next to it until a message appears on the bottom left of the screen that they have detonated the bomb. Once that message appears, run back to the Aura.

The Corrupted Light Bombs will detonate and damage Oryx and kill all of the minions that are in the arena. Anybody inside the Aura will live. Keep shooting at Oryx until her returns to the center of the room.

This starts a survival phase where players will need to run around the room to avoid bombs going off. Each of the pillar players can just run around their pillars while the other two can run up and down the middle of the room.

Once this phase is over, the pillar rotation and platforming phase will repeat. If you are able to get Oryx’s health down to 50 percent, then the in-between phase will now consist of Fireteam members being teleported inside Oryx’s alternate dimension one by one to face an Echo of Oryx. It will need to be killed quickly or else the entire Fireteam will wipe.

Continue to repeat these steps until Oryx’s health is reduced to zero. He will then move back to the front of the arena and open his chest up one last time. Shoot and kill him for good.

Note that each of the Corrupted Light Bombs represent about 1/16 of his health. So, if all four bombs are detonated during a phase, then Oryx will lose 25 percent of his life bar. It should take three to four rounds to kill Oryx.

How it was two-manned

CommanderCuesta and A Death Card both ran Sunsinger Warlock’s with self-resurrection as their super ability. They also had The Stag helmet to increase their super recharge rate. Additionally, The Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle helped greatly as well.

This setup allowed the two to completely ignore the pillar and platforms. Instead, they stood on top of the two large columns that previously held the Daughters of Oryx. After Oryx slammed his fist down on the pillar, the two whittled the health of each Ogre that spawned down to a little without killing them.

After Oryx slams his fist down a second time, both were able to stagger him using the repeating final shot of The Touch of Malice that does double damage at the cost of health. Once Oryx was staggered, they killed the Ogres with the idea that they should be close enough that at least two Corrupted Light Bombs will have an overlapping area of detonation to stand in.

Once the bombs detonated, CommanderCuesta was able to self-resurrect and then revive A Death Card once he was available. They then simply repeated through all the phases until they detonated enough Corrupted Light Bombs to kill Oryx.

[Images via Bungie]