Briana Travis: Music Teacher Grilled Over Sex With Student Admits Sex With Different Student, Police Say

Briana Davis is a 33-year-old music teacher at a middle school in the Chicago suburb of Waukegan, and on Friday, she became the latest in a long series of female schoolteachers who have admitted to sexual relationships with underage students — and the second one of the week.

But the details on the Briana Davis case remain rather unclear. It appears that investigators questioned the teacher about allegedly inappropriate messages she exchanged with a minor student at Webster Middle School, after the student’s “concerned parent” contacted police about the alarming texts.

When police grilled Davis about the messages, however, they got a surprise.

“Detectives from the Waukegan Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division interviewed the music teacher,” the local police said in a statement quoted by The Chicago Tribune.

But when they questioned her, Travis “began to reveal details about a separate inappropriate relationship with a different minor.”

Briana Travis sex student middle school

The investigators are remaining tight-lipped about the age of the student, as well as about the student’s gender, for that matter. In some recent cases of female teachers engaging in illegal sexual relationships with students, the victims have been teen girls.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said only that the student who became involved in the sexual relationship with Davis was a minor between the ages of 13- and 17-years-old, according to a report of the incident in The Chicago Sun-Times newspaper.

“Travis and the minor victim allegedly began the inappropriate relationship at the end of the 2014-15 school year,” the police statement said. “Travis and the minor victim continued the inappropriate relationship through the summer of 2015, until Travis’ arrest on October 15.”

In other words, the sexual relationship between Briana Travis and the minor was stopped only by the music teacher getting busted.

The investigators said they are also still looking into what was behind what appeared to the sexually charged text message exchange between Davis and the other student.

Waukegan Public School District 60, which employed Davis, has placed the music teacher on “administrative leave” until the case is resolved.

“The details of these allegations are abhorrent,” District 60 Superintendent Dr. Donaldo Batiste told the Tribune. “Any behaviors that compromise the safety and well-being of our students, and/or the trust of our community, will not and can not be tolerated.”

Travis, who lives in Mundelein, Illinois, has been charged with three counts of felony sexual assault and was being held on a $1 million bond.

“It’s kind of disheartening. When you send your kids to school you feel they should be safe, male or female,” middle school parent Richard Dupree said to Chicago’s WGN TV.

“It’s kind of scary to think to it’s quite possible it’s happened in the past,” another parent, Amy Bower, added.

The Briana Travis case was the second reported incident of illegal teacher-student sex in the same week.

Michelle Sulzicki, a 28-year-old married teacher’s aide in Stratford, Connecticut, was arrested after a 15-year-old boy expressed concern that her 5-month-old daughter might, in fact, be his.

In the ensuing investigation, police in Connecticut found that — according to the teen male victim — Sulzicki first coerced him into sex when he was 12-years-old and she was his private tutor. The incident took place in the boy’s own bedroom with his parents at home elsewhere in the house — as did several other alleged sexual encounters between Sulzicki and the teen over the next two years.

Michelle Sulzicki teacher baby sex

Sulzicki denied an ongoing sexual relationship with the boy, and denied that the minor was the father of her baby. But she did admit to one sexual encounter with the boy — when he was in the sixth grade.

Full Inquisitr coverage of the Michelle Sulzicki case can be accessed at this link.

As for Briana Travis, she is due back in court to face her charges on November 3.

[Featured Image: Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office]