Carrie Ann Jopek Murder: Man Calls Up TV Station, Confesses To Murder He Committed 33 Years Ago

Thirty-three years after the mysterious disappearance and subsequent death of Carrie Ann Jopek, a 13-year-old teenager from Milwaukee in 1983, new details about her murder, a cold case, have come to light. According to NY Daily News, the killer of Carrie Ann Jopek called up a local TV station and reportedly confessed to a crime he committed well over three decades ago.

According to an ABC News report, the man who called up the local news station WISN 12 News and confessed to the crime has been identified as Jose Ferreira. According to WISN 12 News, Joe Ferrera called up the TV Station’s newsroom last week and informed them about what had happened to Carrie Ann Jopek on the day she died. Following his confession, the case, which was never resolved, was reopened and Jose Ferreira was arrested. Authorities have also charged Jose with the killing of Carrie Ann Jopek. Jose is currently in police custody in Milwaukee County Jail.

According to Carolyn Tousignant, the mother of Carrie Ann Jopek, her daughter went missing in 1982 a few hours after the girl was suspended from her school for roaming the halls. The school officials had called up Carolyn after Jopek’s suspension and had gave her the option to either pick her daughter up from the school or let her come back alone. Since the school was located just a block away from her home, Carolyn thought it would be safe enough for Carrie Ann Jopek to simply walk back home. However, that decision ended up becoming something that she rues to this day.

“I blame myself sometimes. She would’ve snuck over there anyway.”

A few hours after Carrie Ann Jopek left her school, she went missing and has never been heard from again. Carolyn searched the entire neighborhood and asked around – but she did not manage to find any trace of Carrie. According to Carolyn, she believes Carrie Ann Jopek got herself suspended on purpose because she wanted to go to a house party that was happening on that day.

Jose Ferreira killed Carrie Ann Jopek

Seventeen months after Carrie’s disappearance, a body was found underneath the porch of a house located nearby by a person who was repairing an old deck. Upon investigation, it became clear that the body was of Carrie Ann Jopek’s. Incidentally, Carlyn had also knocked at the door of the home where her body was found. However, no clues regarding how she died and who killed her were found. For over 33 years, Carolyn prayed for a day when she would hear some news regarding the death of her daughter. Late last week, it seems her prayers were answered.

“It’s been 33 years since she’s been gone. I’ve been praying for this day.”

Last week, Jose Ferreira the man who allegedly killed Carrie Ann Jopek called up WISN 12 News and confessed to his wrongdoings. According to reports, Jose, who is now 50-years-old, was a teenager himself back in 1982. It remains unclear why Jose decided to call up the TV channel to confess his crime. Jose has also written a statement in which he described what happened on the day Carrie Ann died. Carolyn has read the statement and she reveals what Jose wrote.

“They were drinking. Her and him went down the basement stairs and she tripped and snapped her neck. He said that he had sexual intercourse with her. He thought she was unconscious, but realized she was dead — and the next day he buried her.”

Meanwhile, Carolyn now adds that she personally knows Jose Ferreira and that they have exchanged words in the past. She is now hopeful that the perpetrator is brought to justice soon.

[Images Via Fox 6 News, YouTube Screengrab]