Butt Injections On Iyanla Vanzant’s ‘Fix My Life’ – 47-Inch Hips On Ex-Model One Problem From Anivia Cruz-Dilworth’s Silicone Butt Shots [Video]

Anivia Cruz-Dilworth is an ex-model who was featured on a recent episode of Iyanla, Fix My Life, titled “Fix My Toxic Obsession.” The season 3, episode 11 show displayed how the former model’s obsession with butt injections have negatively affected her health and her relationships. Anivia went from approximately 42 inches after getting butt injections to her hip size of 47 inches, but only because the illegal butt shots she got have caused her butt to swell even more.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Anivia got her butt shots after walking into Wilhelmina Models one day, and she praised God after she said she was accepted as a plus-size model. Anivia says she booked plenty of modeling jobs and got butt shots to make her butt bigger. She wanted her butt to match the rest of her body, but she eventually could no longer keep the weight on, and that’s what made her bigger backside look weird.

Weight has been an issue for Anivia ever since her grandmother put girdles on her as a plump-sized 10-year-old girl. Her mother, on the other hand, wasn’t too kind to Anivia, says the ex-model.


“I was called b*****s by my mother.”

She can’t sit or stand for too long because of the pain. The butt shots have made her skin inflamed and warm and caused her much pain. The illegal shots, which were given to her on a couch and dispensed from a red plastic cup, were like heroin. Anivia said she called her butt shot supplier at the drop of a hat whenever she wanted a little fill-up somewhere.

Not only did the silicone begin migrating throughout Anivia’s body, Anivia’s involvement with black-market injection got the beautiful woman in trouble with the law as well. As reported by NJ.com, Anivia was indicted in 2010, accused of giving other women butt injections. Anivia’s case was dropped due to a technicality, but there were deeper secrets that Anivia revealed about her mother Jeanette that hurt her deeply. Anivia was called a manipulative diva by her sisters, who called her an amazing actress. Cruz-Dilworth may have wanted to be a plus-size model, but Vanzant wanted to dig deeper by looking at all the women who made up the fabric of Anivia’s life.

Surrounded by her sisters and her mother, Anivia spoke of being on pain medications. She eavesdropped on Vanzant’s conversation with Anivia’s mom, who admitted that, as a mom, she yelled too much and performed too much name-calling.


“Nobody is sitting there with their a** hurting 24/7. That’s gonna alter your mood.”

Vanzant unleashed her anger on the ex-model, telling Anivia that she wouldn’t get to run things and act like a diva with the talk show host. Meanwhile, Anivia claimed that she would “light they a***s up” once she got back upstairs to talk with her mother and sisters.

During the show, Anivia was even made to take off her high red heels by Vanzant, in order to try and remove some of the pain that the diva was experiencing. Anivia reluctantly put on the pair of black flip flops that Vanzant provided the ex-model in order to get rid of her vanity and vain image.

There was an intervention between Anivia and her sisters and mother, called a “womanhood intervention” for the purpose of healing, by Vanzant. The intervention began with “self forgiveness” confessions from the sisters who forgave themselves for allowing Anivia to disrespect them.

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