Buns Of Despair: McDonald’s Unveils Strange Looking ‘Modern China Burger’ That Has Left Many Consumers Baffled

McDonald’s customers in China are questioning the fast food giant’s decision to offer up a sad colored bun for its new “Modern China Burger.” The burger features pork patties, bacon, lettuce, and a spicy Sichuan pepper ketchup. However, it isn’t the ingredients that are inside the burger that have consumers questioning McDonald’s marketing ability, it is the dreary grey bun.

The Daily Mail reports that McDonald’s is offering up an unappealing looking burger for its customers in China. The limited edition burger features pork patties, bacon, lettuce and spicy Sichuan pepper ketchup piled on top of a grey speckled bun. The bun looks very industrial with its concrete appearance and is certainly not the color one would associate with edible food items.

Therefore, consumers are taking to social media to call out the poor marketing of McDonald’s by asking what exactly inspired the dreary bun. Was it the concrete roads. rocks or pollution? McDonalds consumers in China really want to know.

Others simply want to know if the fast food abomination causes one’s poop to turn colors like the infamous black Whopper from Burger King.

This “pollution cloud” burger, as it is being affectionately called by Chinese consumers, isn’t the first fast food chain to dye the hamburger bun an unusual color. Burger King made headlines when its black Whopper caused people’s poop to change colors. The black Whopper was released as a limited edition Halloween special and has caused frightening results for the consumer when they hit the restroom. Apparently the special “concentrated dye” used in the burger will result in green poo for its consumers. Technabob notes that if you are looking for a scary burger that can produce a bright green deuce in the stool, the Burger King Halloween Whopper is your go-to burger this holiday season. Not wanting Japan to feel left out, Burger King also offered two black bun options at their Japanese stores. The Kuro Shogun and Kuro Taisho featured the iconic black bun, no word if these buns also turned consumer’s turds strange colors.

Not all restaurants are looking to depress their customers with dreary bun colors, others are using the buns to make a statement about the burger itself. For example, the Red Samurai Burger offered by Burger King in Japan is dyed bright red. The “angry” burger’s bun is designed to be a dead giveaway that the sandwich is spicy. However, Burger King didn’t stop at dying the bun on the Red Samurai Burger. They also dyed the cheese slice. With a bright red bun and bright red cheese, the Red Samurai is not for the faint of heart.

As if China wasn’t punished enough with the grey pollution-colored McDonald’s “Modern China Burger,” the country also was host to a KFC creation that was mildly disturbing. The KFC China offered consumers the “Black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger” and the “Rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger” which featured black and pink buns respectively. The Nan Fang reports that many of the people ordering the burgers were too concerned with the appearance to even taste the item calling them a “turd burger” or “brain burger.” The publication claims that KFC was likely hoping to play off of a popular anime show in which one character was black and the other pink, but seemed to fail miserably.

KFC China

What do you think of fast food restaurants dying hamburger buns various colors? Would you eat a burger with a grey bun?

[Image Credit: Twitter]