Evil Clowns Are Using Vans To Stalk Children, Police Deploy More Patrols To Catch Creepy Perps

A group of evil clowns are allegedly stalking children in an English town, even going as far as to use a van to terrify them.

According to the Mirror, a full investigation is under way to try and track down those responsible for this disconcerting story, and police officials have warned children that they should “go straight home after school and not to loiter.”

Last week, police were informed and reports started to emerge of children being approached by individuals that were wearing clown masks and driving around in a van. These incidents were taking place in the towns of Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, both of which are located in Kent, England, with pupils at Hillview School for Girls allegedly being targeted.

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Police were soon forced to admit that there had been a number of “suspicious incidents” in these areas, as repeated reports started to come in that school children were indeed being stalked by clowns.

According to victims, they have been deliberately chased while they’ve been walking home by people wearing either Halloween or clown masks, as they attempt to scare the life out of people.

Officers have now been forced to go into schools and talk directly to pupils about these incidents, and they’re making every attempt to make sure that they can find the perpetrators to make sure that the incidents don’t get anymore violent.

There have been reports that people wearing clown masks have been spotted around the towns, while one boy was forced to run back to school and inform his teachers about what had occurred after two men wearing black outfits and white clown masks in a van approached him.

This forced head teacher Elaine Buchanan to send an email out to parents warning them about these incredibly disconcerting events.

“Dear parents,” the note and warning started. “It has been brought to our attention that some of our students have been approached in the vicinity on separate occasions by two people wearing black outfits with white clown masks. We have reported this to the police with whom we are actively working.”

It continued, “Students are already communicating with each other on social media and you may already be aware. Should you have any concerns, please contact the police direct, not the school. We are advising students to go straight home after school today and not to loiter about anywhere.

“We have also said that they should let their parents know their whereabouts and that we have informed you of the situation,” it continued. “Extra staffing will be outside of school when the students go home and we understand that the police will be active in the area.”

A police spokesman also detailed the specific incidents involving the use of a clown mask around Tunbridge Wells.

They explained, “The incidents started two weeks ago after several reports in Tonbridge. On October 5 in Hectorage Road, pupils reported they were scared by people in clown masks. On October 7 and 8 there were also reports of a woman in the High Street wearing a clown mask. The following week in Tunbridge Wells, on October 13 and 14 there are reports of people wearing clown masks in a van on St John’s Road.”

Because of these incidents, Kent police have made the decision to deploy extra police officers around schools in an attempt to catch those responsible.

Chief Inspector Dave Pate admitted, though, that they’re not sure if they have actually committed a crime yet. “We are still working to establish whether any offences have been committed,” he admitted. “However, I want to assure parents that we take the safety of all children very seriously and have extra officers on patrol around schools.”

This isn’t the first time that clown masks have been used to scare the life out of inhabitants in towns. In Northampton, England, back in 2013, Alex Powell, a university student, was unmasked as the individual who had been scaring the town’s citizens by dressing up as the character of Pennywise from the film It.

Meanwhile, Agde, a town in France, even decided to ban the wearing of clown masks after a plethora of violent attacks by people wearing them took place.

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