Season 6 ‘Downton Abbey’ Spoilers For American Audiences

Warning: Serious Spoilers Ahead

Though Downton Abbey won’t air in the United States until January, some sneak peeks at the first few episodes of the final season have been available to the press. So far, the season has some interesting twists and turns before the final curtain comes down. The who will, who won’t questions are simply the beginning. It seems a theme that will run throughout the series is the return of friends and foes from the past.

The Inquisitr reported that fans around the world come in all shapes and sizes, and all addresses, including Buckingham Palace. It seems that Queen Elizabeth and Princess Kate Middleton are super fans of the series that introduced us to the Crawley family. The princess was able to visit the cast on set, and they fell in love with her, interacting with her like an old friend. They said she was “so normal.” The visit was a very big deal to everyone involved in Downton Abbey.

The Guardian has also been sharing some spoilers, catching fans up on what and how Season 6 is moving along. Baxter’s past seems to be catching up to her, when the man who was part of her undoing resurfaces.

“We’re after catching a nasty fish and he’s bound to thrash about a bit.”

And Bates and Anna’s future is sealed forever by once again, a mysterious stranger who claims to have information about the whole incident. And of course, there is a marriage early on, with surprise guests. But will Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson be able to change the course of their lives and be happy? The amount of information that Julian Fellowes can pack into an episode has now reached a new high.

But Mashable asks if the Crawley family is about to lose a significant family member? There is a real shock coming up mid season that will give fans the willies and make others look away. The gory death of Mary’s husband was enough to traumatize people around the world, and this incident will be equally shattering.

And for the sister who seemed to be forever unlucky in love? Might there be a suitor on the horizon, and will Marigold finally get a proper family?

“Lady Edith returns to London to hire a female editor (an altogether shocking concept for the Dowager) and manages to steal a kiss over cocktails with Gregson. He confesses to thinking about her all the time, which is adorable.”

And she might not live at Downton forever.

“Edith is considering a life beyond Downton, which may well take her to London. It’s a rare moment of happiness for Lady Edith.”

But will the whole family ever find out Edith is Marigold’s mother? Will the Drewes continue to remind Edith of her misstep, or might the family rehome them?

And romance downstairs is spreading for Moseley and Baxter, who have been stepping around each other for more than a season.

“It’s a very low-level chemistry but really truthful and really real.” Doyle elaborated, “It’s not like Anna and Bates or Mary and Matthew. They’re older people who have had disappointment in their lives and they’re treading very carefully.”

Can we count on another Downton Abbey wedding for the last season, and what about another baby?

Sadly, Americans will have to wait until after the new year, but it’s well worth the wait.

Will you be watching Downton Abbey for the final season?

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