World War 3 Fears Increase After Turkey Vows To Shoot Down Any Russian Or US Jet That Violates Air Space

Gregory Wakeman

Turkish officials have come out and insisted that they've ordered their soldiers to shoot down any jets that enter their airspace, regardless of whether they're Russian or American. By doing this they've increased fears that that the packed air space in the region is so congested that a diplomatic incident that could lead to World War 3 is inevitable.

US and Russian planes are constantly circling Turkish borders as they regularly attack Syria and Iraq, which both share a border with the country.

However, Ahmet Davutoglu, the Turkish Prime Minister, has now come out and insisted that despite Russia and the US' plight to try and rid Syria of ISIS, they would "not hesitate" shooting down foreign planes.

Because of this declaration, there are now widespread fears that Turkey, which has the second largest army in NATO, could be drawn into a military battle with either the USA or Russia.

Davutoglu's comments came just a few days after Turkey shot down a drone that had flown just two miles into its airspace. It's believed that the drone was Russian. An investigation into where the drone came from and the path that it took to arrive in Turkey is currently underway.

A US official remarked on Friday that they believed the drone was Russian, but Russia has insisted that all of its drones and planes returned safely after a bombing mission in Syria.

Turkey confirmed that it had issued three warnings that they would shoot down the unarmed aircraft before they then did just that. Russia has since revealed that it's started a dialogue with Turkey to try and avoid any similar incidents in the future.

This isn't the first time in recent weeks that Turkey and Russia have argued over a military violation. In fact, earlier this month, Turkey complained that Russian planes had violated its air space on the Syrian border.

Speaking about these incidents, Davutoglu declared, via the Daily Star, "We downed a drone yesterday. If it was a plane we'd do the same. Our rules of engagement are known. Whoever violates our borders, we will give them the necessary answer."

Meanwhile, there are also worries that the fact Russia has started a bombing campaign in Syria to try and obliterate ISIS has sparked fears that the terrorist group might start a campaign to destroy a huge foreign city.

According to the Daily Star, Dr Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, who is a chemical weapons adviser to NGOs working in Syria and Iraq, made this dark prediction on Thursday while speaking at a Global Resilience conference.

Gordon believes that ISIS already has enough mustard gas, and that they've even developed their own chemical and nuclear weapons, which could destroy a huge part of a major European city.

Speaking at the event, Gordon declared, "ISIS have made it known that they want to acquire weapons of mass destruction. They run a sophisticated and successful psychological warfare campaign and are now basing that on CBRN weaponry - the ultimate weapon in the terrorist arsenal."

Gordon then pointed out that Moscow and Iraq are "extremely vulnerable" to ISIS attacks because of their poor military intelligence. Gordon believes that the fact the FBI have reportedly stopped four attempts by Russian gangsters to supply jihadis with radioactive material proves just how vulnerable Putin and his country are to an attack.

"Not only is Moscow a target to extremists but its poor performance by its own intelligence agencies, as shown by the fact that it's the FBI breaking up these attempts in eastern Europe, means the chances of Russian organised crime succeeding are much greater," Gordon explained.

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