Gwen Stefani Releases Emotional Post Split Song, Fans React

As we know, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were one of the couples that couldn’t survive the summer of 2015. The pair decided to end their marriage after thirteen years together. It came as a shock to many fans who loved the couple, but for those who followed Rossdale, they weren’t as surprised, as it’s known that, while he’s out on the road, he doesn’t exactly stay faithful to Gwen.

For the most part Stefani has been silent about the end of her marriage, but as The Inquisitr reported, she just released her first song post split, and it’s obvious to hear the emotion that she put into it.

Stefani has always been an artist that uses her music as a way to get out life’s greatest disappointments. She famously sang about her ex and bandmate Tony during the 90s. Now, she’s decided to sing about her heartbreak with Rossdale on the new song “Used to Love You.”

She decided to debut the song during her New York concert to the delight and surprise of many fans. Before she went into the song, Stefani addressed the crowd: “I’m talking about pain and love and my real life, and I just want to say thank you for listening. And I just want to share a song that I wrote recently. This song is really special.”

Here’s a video of Stefani singing the song: