Amber Rose On ‘Larry King’ A Sign Of Her ‘Other Business’?

Recently, Amber Rose hosted the Larry King Now show on October 14. However, were fans overlooking the fact that Amber Rose was potentially showing producers what she could do because she was auditioning for a job interview?

In the world of Amber Rose, there is often so much news that the little things get overlooked. A good example of this includes a passing comment made when it was announced that Amber Rose would be cancelling her MTV show with Blac Chyna.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Amber Rose allegedly canceled the reality TV show she was in the process of making with Blac Chyna because they “were no longer friends.”

Interestingly, it was also stated that one of the reasons that Amber Rose might be canceling her series with MTV and Blac Chyna is because she is starting her own talk show, according to TMZ insiders.

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But was Amber Rose showing potential talk show producers what she can do in a hosting position when she was on Larry King Now on October 14?

As it appears, the idea that Amber Rose would have a talk show is nothing new.

Around May 15, Love B. Scott introduced the idea of Amber Rose having her own talk show after an Instagram post was made by Amber Rose. Evidently, in mid-May Amber Rose made a fake talk show set that looked like she would be the star. It was just a joke — but was it also perhaps a premonition?

Love B. Scott went on to explain that Amber Rose removed the photo from Instagram right away. Nonetheless, Love B. Scott also thought Amber Rose having her own talk show “isn’t far-fetched; after all, with TV currently diversifying, Ice-T and Coco and Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker have landed their own daytime talk shows.”

Three months later, around August 15, Radar Online reported that Amber Rose was out shopping for networks for her talk show idea. According to their insiders, the scoop about Amber Rose’s talk show includes the following.

“Amber’s working with a top production team, and they already shot the pilot in L.A. … She’ll definitely talk a lot about her own life … Producers are counting on her to just be herself! She’ll also help other people resolve their issues … They are looking to make a deal in the very near future.”

Of course, it is not uncommon for fans to find Amber Rose behind a microphone speaking her mind. Nevertheless, as if she was preparing for her own talk show, Amber Rose recently took things to the next level by doing the interviewing.

The Larry King Now show replaced Larry with Amber Rose for the October 14 ORA TV via Hulu episode. The theme for the show was Amber Rose’s own panel on feminism, sexual assault, and shaming. Guests interviewed by Amber Rose included Matt McGoffy, Frenchie Davis, and Dr. Jennifer Berman.

Actress Whoopi Goldberg (L) and model Amber Rose attend the Laura Smalls Fall/Winter 2010 presentation at The Plaza Hotel on February 18, 2010 in New York City.

Quotes from Amber Rose during her hosting include, “Society teaches us if you are sexy — you can’t be smart” and “I’m raising my son to be a male feminist.”

Obviously, if her Larry King Now guest-hosting shows fans what Amber Rose could do with her own talk show, the world is ready. Fan responses to her Larry King Now hosting include the following Twitter comments about Amber Rose’s talk show skills.

“Amber Rose’s panel on Larry King about sexual assault, slut shaming, and feminism is truly amazing and informative 10/10 would recommend,” @KTBaaaallin.

“So Larry King is really going to have this talk with Amber Rose RE: feminism? Ok I’m lowkey intrigued to listen,” @Mango86.

[Feature image via Ben Rose/Stringer/Getty Images]