Charlie Sheen Rant Aftermath: Staples Center Defends Decision to Boot Star [Video]

Charlie Sheen’s rant at a Staples Center employee after he was denied re-entry was viewed by many when the tirade was caught by TMZ cameramen, and the fact that the Staples Center employee wrangling with the Anger Management star also used expletives in her response to the notoriously tempestuous talent made many wonder if the venue would apologize to Sheen for the way he was treated.

Charlie Sheen’s rant earlier this week was prompted by a situation to which many of us can relate. Sheen stepped outside for a smoke during a Stanley Cup finals game, and when he tried to get back to his seat, a female employee of Staples Center wouldn’t allow it.

Sheen erupted, unleashing a barrage of expletives on the unshaken employee, who said she “didn’t care who [Sheen] was.” The actor fumed:

“You know what, f**king blow my balls, alright, you f**king asshole.”

After he chilled out a bit, Sheen was still miffed at his treatment, and said:

“Have common sense and common courtesy gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her. I mean come on. Let a guy walk back in a door he just walked out of. It’s not about smoking. It’s about common sense, that’s all.”

charlie sheen rant

You know, I have to say, I agree with Charlie Sheen’s rant here- the whole “zero tolerance” thing is pretty annoying, and it’s not like Charlie Gotdamn Sheen is going to try to sneak into a hockey game with no ticket.

And even though Charlie Sheen’s rant and somewhat shoddy treatment by the Staples Center employee went viral, the arena is standing by its decision to eject the actor. A spokesperson for the Staples Center says that there are designated smoking areas inside the venue. Further, Staples Center weakly notes that everyone else is doing it- or in corporate speak, the policy is “implemented in nearly every other venue where tickets are required for entry is designed for the safety of fans.”

Except, of course, fans that want to be kept safe from a Charlie Sheen rant.