'Real Housewives' Tamra Judge Has Finally Cut Vicki Gunvalson Out Of Her Life

With the Real Housewives reunion airing tomorrow, fans will see that all of the other ladies have jumped ship to distance themselves from Vicki Gunvalson after the a season of lies about cancer and Gunvalson's con man and now ex boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. It seems most relationships in Gunvalson's life have gone down the toilet, all thanks to a man who blames her for the whole episode. But rather than accepting responsibility for her foolishness, Gunvalson is now throwing shad in all directions rather than owning her failings.

As the Inquisitr reported, Gunvalson finally came clean on lying this season to women who treated her as a friend. Though she claimed to only have lied "a few times," that was enough for even the fence-sitters to realize that they had been conned. It is unusual for anyone to doubt a cancer diagnosis, but nothing about Brooks Ayers and cancer made sense. Even Gunvalson's daughter Briana knew her mother was dating a con man who she couldn't bare to be in the same room with.

Reality Tea says that co-star Tamra Judge has finally decided it's time to cut off ties with Gunvalson because it is a toxic relationship, and she is sick of all of the dishonesty. She also felt rejected that Gunvalson only made an appearance at her baptism, but couldn't be bothered to stay. On top of that, she set up Shannon by having her brother and his girlfriend talk about David Beador's affair.
"I can't help but think that Vicki put her brother and his girlfriend up it, so they could fight her battles. Kind of like what she did with me by showing me the CT scan."
And when questioned about loyalty, the only one who is disloyal, according to Judge, is Vicki herself.

"All season we listened to Vicki claiming that Shannon was NOT a good friend, which none of us could understand," said Tamra. "Shannon was the LAST one to think that Brooks was lying and never really said anything more than 'Why didn't he go to my doctor?' and 'Why didn't they show me his scan?'. Which are normal questions… right?"

International Business Times insists that the other Real Housewives of Orange County will demand answers during the reunion, and that once again, Vicki is less than forthcoming. Heather Dubrow, who also did not rush to judgement, is now totally onboard, believing that Brooks Ayers faked cancer and Vicki Gunvalson covered it up.
"She hinted that she and her RHOC co-stars would be digging for answers about Brooks since Season 10 came to a close with little to no resolution. During the same interview she addressed comments Brooks made about the show, claiming it thrived off 'manufactured drama.' Heather assured viewers there is nothing fake about RHOC."
The level of pure drama at the reunion is totally anger filled by the the betrayal the other women feel about Gunvalson. Vicki's daughter Briana will be on as part of the reunion, and has obviously still not repaired the relationship with her mother, even though Brooks Ayers has finally moved out of the house and out of state.

Stay tuned to part one of the reunion of the Real Housewives of Orange County, where Gunvalson will finally be called out on screen by the ladies and Andy Cohen.

[Photo courtesy of Bravotv]