Bernie Sanders Reacts To Larry David’s SNL Impersonation

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) has been a revelation among young Americans in the Democratic primaries so far, and the self-described democratic socialist enjoyed the much talked about Larry David’s impersonation on Saturday Night Live. In fact, Sanders loved it so much he has invited the comedian to join him on his campaign trail.

“I think we’ll use Larry at our next rally. He does better than I do,” Sanders joked on Sunday in an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”

To the surprise of the audience, Larry David skillfully impersonated Bernie Sanders’ performance at the CNN Democratic debate. The Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star reenacted Sanders passionate demeanor with a touch of shrill pessimism. David, the inspiration for George Costanza on Seinfeld, delivered a Sanders impersonation that has been the toast on social media.

Larry David’s stereotypical cranky performance on Saturday Night Live was an almost perfect rendition of Bernie Sanders. SNL‘s reproduction of the CNN Democratic debate included a comedic rendition of all the candidates, with Alec Baldwin playing Jim Webb and Anderson Cooper.

Larry David’s Sanders grumpily spoke of “breaking up the banks into little pieces” and then making the bankers pay for college in order to “fix America.” David even took Bernie Sanders’ defense of Hillary Clinton and delivered a cranky rant about emails.

Senator Bernie Sanders recently appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher where he received a nod from Bill Maher, although the comedian would still strongly support Hillary Clinton should Sanders fail to get the nod. Maher jokingly made an analogy that summed up his voting strategy for the presidential election.

Recounted by The Huffington Post, Bill Maher asked, “But if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, who will stay home and not vote for [Hillary]?” Only one person clapped faintly to indicate she would not vote for the eventual Democratic nominee if it is Clinton.

“See exactly, we have two good candidates. It’s like on the airlines. Sometimes you don’t get the fish, you have the chicken. ‘I’ll eat the chicken if I have to!'”

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders being interviewed by comedian Bill Maher.

Maher also sat down to interview Bernie Sanders, where he grilled the candidate about his skepticism on whether America will elect a socialist despite the country being a “quasi-socialist” state.

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Both Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ campaign have raised far more than the rest of the other candidates in the presidential election in their third quarter fundraising totals. As Bloomberg reports, Clinton leads the pack with $29 million, Sanders in second with $26 million, and republican candidate Ben Carson in third with $20 million. Sanders has received $20.19 million in small donations, more than any other candidate throughout the campaign.

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