Breast Cancer Survivors 'Feel Whole Again' With The Help Of 3D Nipple Tattoos By Tattoo Artist Vinnie Myers

Joanna Jaguar

More than 230,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone, many of whom will have to undergo mastectomies in order to rid themselves of the cancer. During a mastectomy, doctors removes the diseased tissue inside the breast, and are often forced to remove the nipples and areolae in the process. Once breast reconstruction surgery is done, many breast cancer survivors must learn to live with their reconstructed breasts, often sans nipples and areolae. While this may seem like a small sacrifice to endure for being able to have a life-saving procedure, in many cases it leaves breast cancer survivors feeling mangled, less beautiful, less feminine, less whole.

This is where tattoo artist Vinnie Myers steps in.

"My mission is to make women look good in the mirror, naked. I want them to feel good when they're looking at themselves."

"It got super busy, busier than I really wanted it to be. That's when I kind of decided I wasn't going to do it anymore. And the day that I decided to stop is the day my sister called me and told me she had breast cancer. That was on a Monday. I decided, 'This is a sign that I've got to keep doing this.' "
"When you're looking at those breasts, all you see are the scars, and all you're reminded of is cancer. So when you put this finishing touch on there, it distracts your eye from all those other imperfections because you have something to look at that's very pleasing, and it's an incredibly emotional finishing touch."
"It's such an incredible feeling to look in the mirror and you feel like you're whole and you're a woman again. It completely gave me my confidence back."

[Image Credit: Jared Wickerham / Getty Images]