Ann Romney Hits Campaign Trail Solo, Tours Breast Cancer Hospital

Ann Romney hit the campaign trail in Florida this week, minus husband Mitt Romney. The presumptive first lady showed up at a breast cancer treatment center in Pensacola, Florida, where she spent time with staff and patient.

Cancer is an issue that’s close to Ann Romney’s heart – she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, and revealed in a radio interview last month that it was “ductal carcinoma,” and that fortunately it was caught at “stage zero,” thanks to a mammogram (but let’s not dwell on what would happen to affordable mammograms under a Romney presidency). Speaking to America’s Radio News in May, Romney had revealed:

“I had surgery, and I had radiation, but I did not have to do chemo because it was a stage zero. So again, it was early diagnosis that prevented me from having to have chemotherapy.”

Romney said the breast cancer facility at the Woodlands Center for Specialized Medicine was “impressive” and a “comforting place,” but admitted the tour had been “emotional” and “brought back a lot of memories for me as well.”

On a cheerier note, she also answered quite a few questions about her husband, and revealed something we apparently didn’t know about Mittens: he’s actually REALLY FUNNY:

“Maybe I’ll get the message through finally. It’s so interesting to me that he’s misperceived mostly by the media, and that he actually is very funny, and he keeps everything lively. He’s always entertaining, he’s always fun to be with, so I think if people know that about him, they’ll be better informed.”

I know what she means. We all heard the one about 4,300 livelihoods being lost, right? Oh man, tears me up every time. You damn card, Mitt.