Kitten Found In Box With Note: Child Writes, ‘Mommy’s Boyfriend Is Mean To Me’

An abandoned kitten found in a box with a note attached was discovered by a woman on her front doorstep in Kirkland, Washington.

In what looks to be one of those sad situations of domestic violence, a young child took it upon himself to help save the kitten from his mother’s abusive boyfriend.

A kitten left in a box on a woman's doorstep had this note attached (Credit: MEOW Cat Rescue Facebook page).

According to MEOW Cat Rescue’s Facebook page, a woman was walking with her dog down the street when the kitten in the box was found with a note. The dog was curious about the box — sniffing it with interest. When the woman opened the box, she encountered the kitten with a note that had been written by a young child. As indicated by the child, the cat had been mistreated by the mother’s boyfriend and wanted her to be safe from further harm.

The brief note read: “My mommys boyfriend is mean to me. desperet (sic) for loving home :(”

The kitten found in the box was white and orange-colored. She was examined by a vet and determined to be in good health, though on the thinner side. All that she needed was a little more food to fatten her up.

When the kitten was issued a clean bill of health, the unidentified woman asked MEOW Cat Rescue if they would take her, and they were happy to help.

MEOW Cat Rescue is based out of Kirkland and is also known as “Mercer Island East Side Orphans and Waifs.” Their motto is “all nine lives are precious.”

This is the kitten that was found inside a box that was left on a woman's doorstep in Kirkland, Washington.

MEOW wrote on Facebook that “the baby is now in a foster home with other kittens of similar age and doing very well. We are so happy to have her. We have more questions than answers, but are forever thankful for the bravery of the child who knew the kitten deserved better and the kindness of the woman who saved the kitten.”

The disturbing story makes one wonder how well the child is treated by mom’s boyfriend if he could be so mean to a small kitten.

Soon after the kitten in the box was rescued and it was brought to everyone’s attention on Facebook, it was recommended to the woman who saved the kitty to write a note back to the child and leave it in the same place where the kitten was found in an effort to communicate that the cat had been saved and is doing just fine.

MEOW let commenters know that they were expressing the same concerns as they have themselves about the situation.

According to ASPCA, 11 U.S. cities report that a “history of pet abuse is one of the four significant indicators of who is at greatest risk of becoming a domestic batterer.” Studies have indicated several disturbing factors, such as women and children are less likely to leave a domestic violence situation because they worry about what will happen to their animals.

Additionally, the website writes that: “Women who do seek safety at shelters are nearly 11 times more likely to report that their partner has hurt or killed their animals than women who have not experienced domestic abuse.”

The abandoned kitten found in the box with a note attached came from a child who’s witnessed innocent animals being hurt. Children who witness this kind of behavior towards animals in a household are reportedly more likely to be abusive to animals themselves. In this instance, however, the child knew it was flat-out wrong. Hopefully, the situation for the child and mother isn’t as dire as it was for the kitten.

[Images via MEOW Cat Rescue Facebook page]